Why no Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops?

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#1 Posted by ansys (93 posts) -

Why do you think there is no Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops in the HD collection?

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#2 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

Because they knew what they were doing.

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#3 Posted by AuthenticM (4301 posts) -

I would have liked to see Portable Ops in there. I've never played it but always wanted to.

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#4 Posted by TheBlindChessman (250 posts) -

Portable Ops wasn't directed by Kojima, I assume that's why. Still, would have made a nice extra.

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#5 Posted by deactivated-57beb9d651361 (4541 posts) -

Considering we're getting an HD console-version of Peace Walker, I'd thank your lucky stars for that, and move on.

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#6 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12541 posts) -

The story stuff in Portable Ops was kinda neat (especially the art done for the motion comic style cutscenes), but gameplay wise that game isn't very good. Well, it's certainly not bad, but compared to the other games, it doesn't really hold up. And it's not a looker either (well, when it was released it was a looker for a PSP game, but not compared to Peace Walker). And Peace Walker already looks a lot less good than the other two games in that HD collection.

Basically, what I'm saying is that it's not really that big of a loss. At least not when the story (despite being kinda neat) doesn't actually add anything to the overarching story of the MGS series. Seriously, if I remember correctly, it ends with the situation being largely the same as when it started.

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#7 Edited by GoranP (1265 posts) -

As far as I know PO was the "B-Team" and the story if I recall is pretty self-contained. It felt like an experiment to see if MGS could work on PSP.

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#9 Edited by GoranP (1265 posts) -

@PollySMPS: I'm one of the crazies that enjoyed Acid, but that collection you mentioned would be a tough sell even to a big MGS fan like me. We'll see if it ends up happening though.

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#10 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (739 posts) -

My one question I have with Portable ops is this: Is this Canon?

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#11 Posted by shermanatorek (118 posts) -

@Stealthmaster86: Yes it is.

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#12 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

Because it was bad.

Well OK, thats a bit harsh but there's no denying that Peace Walker essentially 'replaces' it as the first major portable MGS. No offence to Ghost Babel.

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#13 Posted by BisonHero (10501 posts) -

@MysteriousBob said:

Because it was bad.

Well OK, thats a bit harsh but there's no denying that Peace Walker essentially 'replaces' it as the first major portable MGS. No offence to Ghost Babel.

Ghost Babel was pretty rad, but at least it was SOOOO obvious from the start that it was non-canon. It was definitely one the best Game Boy Color games.

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#14 Posted by BatmanReturned (53 posts) -

Honestly still why no MGS1 in this collection. The lack of Twin Snakes is obvious and it really makes Konami's deal with Nintendo and Silicon Knights seem like a really bad idea that it essentially cannot be rereleased unless on the Wii U. But come on, MGS1 is already there, its already playable on PS3 with no issues. At there very least a download code as some sort of online pass would have been appreciated.

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#15 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

I hate how Kojima and Konami try and forget that Portable Ops even exist, it was my favourite PSP game. I spent 80+ hours on the online, it was also my first online experience too so that could be why. But when Old Snake came to the game along with Raiden it got super awesome.

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