10 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Konami Entertainment have released the following ten minute gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I've posted a ton of info in the forum for those interested. I'm actually surprised by the distinct lack of interest on this site...
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Here's the previous video. There will be several more to come apparently so, hurray.

 I will definitely get it, though, I don't like the MP focus as not many people here have PSPs, but I loved Portable Ops despite the control issues, I will love this.

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Well if it is any consolation, I'm interested/stoked. But my PSP analog nub is acting up, so I have to get that checked out. It was doing very bad things for me during the Peace Walker demo.

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Does this game require knowledge of MGS4?

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I played the demo. Seems as bad as Portable Ops. Going to skip it, despite being a big MG fan.

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Huh? Portable Ops was great (aside from a few inherent to PSP control issues), and this seems quite a bit better and closer to the pre-PO style, with its own (co-op!) style on top. Good stuff. I actually wish it was a bit more like PO myself, recruiting characters and using their special skills was a cool, if underutilised, concept they should expand upon. It would have been better than Snake clones me thinks, even if they get their own special class equipment and what not.

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@Al3xand3r said:
" Huh? Portable Ops was ace, and this looks quite a bit better and closer to the pre-PO style, with its own style on top. Good stuff. "
It wasn't a terrible game, it was just a really bad Metal Gear game. The controls were broken and MG should never be split into boring levels. Recruiting was a chore. And the plot was pointless and contributed nothing to the canon.  There's much better stuff on the PSP.
I'd link to a brilliant review of it, but the site seems to be down.
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Not really, it was a pretty cool Metal Gear, perfectly suited to portable play (yay for less and less lengthy story cut scenes, it's actually kinda worrying to know Peace Walker has more story than MGS4 or whatever Kojima said about it) and highly replayable due to the random placement of enemies and items in levels you revisited, as well as the recruitement and resource finding/making aspects. I thought it's cool to see more of that Snake's past as well, but hey, different strokes and all that. The controls were far from broken and okay, aside from the camera control but that's more the PSP's fault than anything else. These are hardly fast paced twitch games so the gameplay's perfectly workable still, even without immediate and comfortable camera control. At least you have various options in Peace Walker to choose the one that is least annoying, but working with such a system they couldn't possibly make it 100% fine unless they went to the original Solid's top down style, which would put off more people (like GTA). Console MG games aren't without issues either, but most are worthwhile.

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Problem is, I really hate handhelds. I don't view it as a "proper" gaming medium. Anyone know if you can play Peace Walker on the PS3 once downloaded from the PSN store?

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what i seen the game looks pretty cool, still haven't played the demo yet for the psp. but i still want it so bad, i already put down a preserve order with game stop  for the entertainment pack. is anyone else getting?

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Er, portable or not, games are games. Plug it in a TV if you must, though it's bound to look horrible. Otherwise, tough luck.

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SICK! Less than 2 months away!

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