Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - File Sizes

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The Kojima Productions Blog reveals Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will include option for media install. If you have the UMD version of the game, you'll be able to select between "Small" and "Full" install - 330 megabytes and 800 megabytes. Opting for media install will improve your experience of the game. In addition to faster loading times, the realtime com dialogue will be fully voiced. System data and save data will also be taking chunks out of your Memory Stick. The blog suggests that you have 1 gigabyte of free space if you get the UMD version and 2.5 gigabytes if you go with the download version
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Damn, that's to much memory for 1 game for me.

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I'll be fine, I'm getting this on UMD for my 3000.

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Yikes... I guess I actually need a memory stick larger than like 250 MB hahah.

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I'll just delete FF7 i guess

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Interesting. Does that mean they couldn't find a way to stream the realtime communication audio off the UMD to the PSP without some sort of performance deteriation? Regardless, I'm still picking this up, and probably opting for the full install.

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I want to get myself a Hideo iPod for sure... :P

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Other PSP games have had installs as well. Seeing that the load times for the demo were egregiously long - and that was NOT running off a UMD - it looks like this install will be very, very necessary.

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Thank god for the photofast cr-5400.

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