Third Control Type Added To Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Kojima Productions is currently making changes to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's controls. The changes are being made at a "rapid pace," according to a recent post on Kojima Productions Official Website, known as Kojiblog in Japan.
Kojima Productions has used, "impressions from the press, opinions from management, direct opinions from users, surveys from users in the demo area, opinions from the web, opinions from message boards."  

The TGS demo offered players selectable "Shooting Type" and "Action Type" controls. These existing control types will see some fixes. Additionally, the team is considering offering a third control scheme:

"PW will be 'The Action Game on the PSP,' so we'd like to be particular about the control method and the feel of control until the end," - Kojima 
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Huh, don't know that I've ever noticed a non-wii/ds game that had so many different schemes. 

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Shooting type sounded decent, I still wish they'd do a Metal Gear with the camera of the first Solid game again, since it's what would suit it best, and would have made Portable Ops infinitely superior.

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I have only tried one control type for Peacewalker (whatever the default one is) and it was completely awful. Talk about unintuitive, you practically have to stop everything you're doing just to switch weapons (a problem Portable Ops didn't have, though that game had many control problems of its own).
I suppose improved camera control is nice...but the PSP is not made to handle what Kojima Productions wants it to do. I will likely pass on this one.
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Jesus Christ! The entire world has been screaming "Dual Analog!" at Sony for years now. I've always said the psp would be the best place for an FPS on the go. But I keep forgetting Japan is probably the most stubborn Country on the planet.

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wow... that's pointless

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