What Version to Play? PSP Original VS PS3 HD Version

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I am thinking about getting a PSP. I usually don't dig MGS games anymore, but I might tolerate, maybe even love MGS Peacewalker. All the jank I cannot stand anymore on home consoles, I might be okay with on a handheld system. I loved MGS 1 as a product of its time. Same could be true for me, the PSP and MGS : Peace Walker.

If you had the choice, what system would you play MGS : Peace Walker on? Is the PSP where its at? From where I'm sitting, it could be an amazing game played on PSP, but I'd definitely pass it over on PS3. I'm sure some of you have both versions or play one or the other. What's your platform of choice and why?

Must I play MGS : Peace Walker if I get a PSP?

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Why did nobody respond to this? People on this site man... Well, I have both, and the console version is way easier to play, so I suggest doing that. That controls are way easier. And if you do get a PSP, definitely buy Peace Walker. You're going to need a large memory stick though.

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