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If Only

If only the game the could have been...decent. For people who are looking for a good single player mode then look away because this game does not have it. You can finish the entire thing (yes everything) within 4-5 hours if you stick to it non-stop. The main meat of this game is the multiplayer. You can use your group of men that you've gathered from the single player mode (If you even bothered to do that) and play as them in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode has many maps to pick from even though in most games i've went to everyone I just joking around and doing nothing. Odds are in multiplayer everyone is just going to pick a main character from the game (Snake, Old Snake, ect). The game has a lot of maps and game modes to choose from. The game feels like a bad expansion for an already great game. Only get this game if you already own the Original or If your looking for some online "action". It's still a decent psp game

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