Can you download PSN titles off of a website?

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Can you download PSN titles off of a website(playstation site) and transfer them to your PS3 with a USB flash drive?

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#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (11360 posts) -

No? No. I actually don't know but, like, 100% no way.

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#3 Posted by Cameron (864 posts) -

I think you can do that for PSP/Vita games (or at least you can move them from your PC to those devices), but I doubt you can do it for PS3 stuff.

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#4 Posted by Glots (2866 posts) -

Yeah, no can do for PS3 only titles, as far as I know.

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#5 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1342 posts) -

@jmatrix said:

Yeah, no can do for PS3 only titles, as far as I know.

They're PS1 Classics though, which means they're pretty small in filesize and can also be played on the PSP and Vita.

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For PS1 classics and psp games use media go. Thats sonys way of letting you download the title on your pc then transferring it to your psp if want.

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Sony keeps that stuff locked down.

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