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    Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 30, 1999

    This game adds additional training missions and fun for the many Metal Gear Solid fans out there.

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    Metal Gear Solid VR Missions is a video game from Konami that was developed between MGS1 and MGS2 and released October 21, 1999 for PlayStation. The game has no storyline nor any significant implications in the Metal Gear storyline, although the fact that Raiden went through massive VR training prior to MGS2 makes its connection more meaningful. The game is comprised of many small VR (Virtual Reality) missions and was originally included as part of Metal Gear Solid Integral, which was only released in Japan.


     Weapon Mode
     Weapon Mode
    The game consists of 300 VR missions, similar to the 10 included in the North American release of Metal Gear Solid. Most modes involve a 'Practice' mode where there is no time limit and a 'Time Attack' where the player has a limit and can aim for a best time in first, second or third.
    These missions help you improve on skills you use during the game. The skills range from sneaking or stealth missions to mastering the use of every single weapon in the game. Once you beat the missions, you unlock mystery missions and even a few levels where you play as the Cyborg Ninja. The "mystery missions" put you in situations where you have to solve mysteries such as murders, or "Which genome soldier ate the Popsicle." This game definitely includes the same type of humor that Hideo Kojima has included in the rest of the Metal Gear franchise. 
    As the player completes more and more missions, additional modes are unlocked. Players can also gain access to photoshoots with Naomi Hunter and Mei Ling. They are given a scope and a camera, which they can use to take photos and save them to their memory card. How close the player can get to the models is dependent on how many missions the player has completed. Under 30% will lock the player off far from the model, while achieving 100% will allow the player to go right up to them.


    Sneaking Mode

    Sneaking Mode features 30 VR Missions which include reaching a goal without being detected by the enemy. 15 of which are missions where the player is unarmed, while the other 15 allow the player to use a SOCOM.

    Weapon Mode

    Weapon Mode features 5 VR Missions allowing the player to master each weapon in Metal Gear Solid: The SOCOM, FA-MAS, Grenades, Claymore mines, C4 explosives, PSG-1 Sniper Rifle and the Stinger and Nikita rocket launchers. Each stage features a set amount of targets that must be destroyed by the player.

    Advanced Mode

    The Advanced Mode is similar to the Weapon Mode but rather than shooting targets, each mission includes live targets that can fire back and kill the player and alert the enemy of their presence.

    Special Mode

    Special Mode involve a series of Missions involving situations that must be solved by the player.
    • 1 Minute Battle: Includes two modes, Vs. Target and Vs. Enemy. Vs. Target gives the player a set time to destroy as many targets as they can in one minute using each weapon in the game. Vs. Enemy replaces the targets with live targets, however.
    • Vs. 12 Battle: In this mode, the player is put up against 12 live targets with only a limited amount of ammo. There is just enough ammo to take town each target, so the player must approach each situation with caution.
    • Mystery: A series of 12 VR Missions which involve a series of mysteries that must be solved by the player. A murder has taken place and a piece of evidence has been left at the scene of the crime. The player must observe each suspect closely to see if they match up with the evidence.
    • Puzzle: A series of 10 puzzles that the player must use problem-solving to complete. These include destroying targets in a specific way or focusing on enemy movements.
    • Variety: As the name suggests, the mode involves a variety of miscellaneous missions that don't fall into any other category in the game. This ranges from shooting down UFOs to rescuing Meryl from 'Genolla', a giant enemy soldier.
    • VR Mission: A series of 10 VR Missions that must be completed in succession. These are designed to put to use all the skills the player has learnt in the game. Health and ammunition carries over through each stage, so the player cannot be reckless.
    • Ninja: A mode which allows the player to take control of the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid.
    • NG Selection: Similar to Variety and Puzzle, which contain small bizarre missions.

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