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Never played it? Then hurry up and buy it.

Let's see...Metal?Gear?Solid?You must've heard that name somewhere before.If you haven't,then shame on you.I think that Hideo Kojima did a fantastic job with this game,and with plenty of cutscenes and action,you won't get tired of this game.Also,patience is a virtue in this game,kinda.Either sneaking past guards,hiding behind the corner,or just blasting your way through,you'll feel like a secret military soldier staying alive,and trying to save the world.

Story [10/10]
No,it wasn't perfect,but by far,it was one of the most well written game I've played.The codec conversations weren't any boring,and the cutscenes weren't either.Well,first of all,let's tell you some of the story.
Your Solid Snake,a veteran of the Outer Heaven incident,and famous for thwarting Big Boss' plan for Metal Gear,you set out again into Shadow Moses Island to stop a nuclear launch by Metal Gear.Throughout the game,you'll encounter Fox Hound,a now terrorist organization,and it's leader,Liquid Snake.You will also have allies with you,but you talk to them on the codec.The conversations aren't boring,and it'll keep you engaged with the story.I really liked the story in this game,hence the score,a 10.

I can't say that I had fun with the gameplay in this game,actually.It was kinda repetetive,but with the constant running,hiding,and progressing through the game,you'll forget about it all.You have a whole arsenal of weapons with you,and equipment to help you throughout the game.Such includes a Thermal Goggle,Mine Detector,A BOX,and a trusty Socom Silencer.There's more to it.But,you should play the game,and experience the other weapons.But anyway,the reason I gave it a 7 was that when you get spotted,you can hide easily in the game.Sometimes,when you hide behind the wall,the enemy will randomly pop out of nowhere in the corner,and check on the walls to see where your at.The A.I are very alert in this game.It can also be fun too.You can knock on the wall,to divert attention,and when they run to check,you can run to the other side without getting noticed.The most fun thing about the game were the boss battles.
I loved it.Very original,and also fun.Such is,a sniper battle with Sniper Wolf,or fighting the tank on the open snowfield outside.
So far,the gameplay wasn't bad at all.

For an old playstation game,it didn't bother me at all.The characters looked great,and there were neat little special effects like the Chaff grenades.Once when I was playing this game,a friend remarked,looking at one of the characters saying,"What the **** is that?".(Mind you,he's used to current gen graphics.).Since I',m not a graphic freak,I didn't mind about the graphics in this game.It was sure good for a 1998 released game.

Overall,I loved it,and you should love it too.
Metal Gear Solid:Essential Collection,has been released recently,and includes the three games,Metal Gear solid 1,2,3.
For the price of $30,you should buy the collection,and you can get a chance to play this classic game.

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