Diamond Duders

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#1 Posted by Syndrom (521 posts) -

Hey duders,

it seems the co-op is far more fun with people that communicate.

So post your platform/region and play together!

Platform: Steam
Region: EU CET+1
username: syndrom

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#2 Posted by TravisRex (819 posts) -

Ps4 - travisrex

West coast US (alaska)

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#3 Posted by tks2jm (1 posts) -

Running normal weekly currently.

Platform: Steam

Region: EST (UTC−4:00)


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#4 Posted by BoOzak (2648 posts) -

"BoOzAk" Xbox - EU

Takes awhile to get into games, I dont if its because of the region, platform or if the game just didnt sell all that well.

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#5 Posted by MagicAlex84 (78 posts) -

I am in the U.S. on the East coast. Usually on for a few hours at night.

Platform: PS4

username: magicalex84

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