Metal Morph

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released December 1994

    A 2D side-scrolling sci-fi action game where the protagonist - and his spaceship - are able to morph into blobs of liquid metal and reach areas their solid forms cannot.

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    Metal Morph is a side-scrolling shooter and shoot 'em up game developed by ORIGIN Systems and published by FCI exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform in North America. The game alternates between stages where the protagonist is on foot and must evade and eliminate enemies to find their way back to their ship, and stages where the protagonist is in their ship and must defeat waves of enemy spacecraft.

    The protagonist (and his ship) can switch to a liquid metal form with the shoulder buttons. This form cannot harm nor be harmed by most enemies and can be used to slip through tubes and other small gaps. The player must be cautious while passing through each stage as a single hit will be enough to kill the protagonist.


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