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The main iconic vehicle from the Metal Slug series. It's a one man mini-tank equipped with a gatling gun, with unlimited ammo, which is similar to the machine gun power-up in the game and it's main cannon, with limited ammo, if you duck while inside the tank, you aren't able to use the cannon to fire, instead you throw regular grenades. If you are out of grenades, you are unable to throw any. The tank also has the ability to jump small distances and If you are low on health you can do a self-destruct move which ejects you from the vehicle and thrusts forward the vehicle into enemies, dealing major damage. You can restock on shells for the main cannon by collecting grenade-power ups and repair it by picking up gasoline-pick ups. If you are full on health they just give you bonus points.


Mass: 2,850kg
Height: 2,163mm
Length: 2,575mm
Speed: 36 kph
Communications: Digital all-bearings antenna
Power plant: Hobten T-659G air-cooled Superconductivity Diesel Turbine Generator
Power output: 12.00EP

Weaponry: Three-barreled 12.6mm Vulcan 127mm rifled main gun (Low-velocity HE shells standard)

Optional weapons:
High-velocity rounds for the 127mm gun

Metal Slug 1, 2, X, 3: 3 hits
Metal Slug 4, 5: 4 hits


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