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    Metal Wolf Chaos

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 22, 2004

    Metal Wolf Chaos is a Japanese game with full English voice overs about the President of the United States using a mech to take America back from terrorists.

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    By the end of the first quarter of the 21st century (2025), a large scale military coup d’etat occurred in the United States of America and rebels seized power in all corners of government. The coup d'etat forces, led by Vice President Richard Hawk have become the enemy of the new coup d'etat resistance led by the 47th President of the United States, Michael Wilson. The president escapes the White House in his giant mech codenamed Metal Wolf  with the help of his secretary, Jody Crawford, to the West Coast where he begins a campaign of destruction to take back America from the crazed Richard Hawk and the rebel forces under his command.


    Each level of Metal Wolf Chaos takes place in a city in the United States or in one of its famous landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon or Alcatraz Island. As the President, the player is given a set of objectives that typically consist of destroying all enemies, destroying specific objectives such as a building, or fighting a boss battle. Weapon crates conceal ammo for the various weapons and can be found scattered throughout each area along with hostages that can be freed for bonuses. At the end of each mission, the player's performance is scored against several variables such as total destruction caused to enemies killed which goes toward how much cash the player will have available to spend on weapon development in order to expand their arsenal. Missions that have been successfully completed can be repeated to grind for more money or improve the player's performance for additional bonuses. In between each mission in addition to purchasing new weapons, the player can also pick which weapons they would like to go into battle with and reconfigure Metal Wolf's loadout.


    The game requires the player to journey to several different stages in order to take part in specific missions assigned to each one. After finishing certain areas, more missions become available as Michael Wilson moves across the nation from West to East, allowing the player to choose where to go next. The player is also able to revisit previous stages and grind back through them in order to rescue any hostages that were missed, discover new weapons, or earn more money that can be used to build new ones during the intermission menu.

    Opening Mission

    The White House

    This is the opening stage of the game where Michael Wilson escapes the coup d'etat forces in Metal Wolf. He flees to an underground hangar where Air Force One is waiting to fly him out of the Capitol from beneath the Reflecting Pool as it opens up.

    Western Region

    After escaping from the White House, the President begins his counter-offensive on the West Coast. Unfortunately, his actions are seen as a terrorist attack since the coup controls the news.

    San Francisco

    Callname: "Metropolitan Recapture Operation from 'cisco Sided Road"
    Starting his offensive to retake the country, Michael Wilson heads to San Francisco first. The city is under control of coup d'etat forces and it is up to the President as Metal Wolf to free it from their grip. After destroying their headquarters at a newly built convention center that had cost $300 million to build, a huge tank arrives to put a stop to his heroics.

    Alcatraz Island

    Callname: "Smash the Island Prison"
    The coup d'etat forces have built a gigantic, electromagnetic cannon in the ruins of the old prison to fight terrorism but it is actually being used to keep citizens on the West Coast in line. It's up to Metal Wolf to breach their defenses and destroy the weapon before it can charge up and fire.


    Callname: "My Darling Clementine Operation"
    The enemy is performing covert operations in an old western town near the city and have set up a radar jammer that might interfere with Metal Wolf. Michael Wilson heads to the old, run down, western-styled city to deal with the forces there. He runs into a trap where he is confronted by three soldiers in powered armor beginning a Wild West showdown in the streets.

    Beverly Hills

    Callname: "Bring Fashion Back to the Streets"
    In order to help gain support for Metal Wolf, Michael Wilson heads to Beverly Hills to free the rich who are secretly amassing funds to help the resistance. Giant bombs are set up all around Beverly Hills as enemy troops control the city. Exploding trucks are sent against Metal Wolf doing damage to both him and to the city while he destroys radar jammers to find the explosives.

    The Grand Canyon

    Callname: "Operation Arizona Blood and Gunpowder Smoke"
    Enemy army helicopters are operating out of a huge airbase in the canyon and using bases left from the Arizona Insurrection to maintain air control over the western United States. Metal Wolf must head into the canyon to destroy the base and devastate the enemy forces without falling.

    Midwest Region

    With the West liberated from coup d'etat forces, Michael heads further east.


    Callname: "Winner Takes All, Olajuwon vs. Metal Wolf"
    The enemy army is building a space plane port and storing resources at the base, starving the citizens through strict rationing. Metal Wolf heads out to destroy the base and face off against the Super Assault Heavy Attack Olajuwon helicopter used to deliver soldiers and enforce air supremacy. Total annihilation is called for.


    Callname: "Chicago Daybreak"
    Enemy forces in Chicago are engaged in "re-educating" the citizens. Upon arriving, Richard Hawk greets Metal Wolf and activates a poison gas system throughout the city hoping to blame the massacre on him. Metal Wolf only has a limited amount of time to destroy the gas production facilities while fighting his way through the coup d'etat forces in an effort to free the city.

    East Coast

    Metal Wolf is almost home as he makes his way back to the White House.

    Miami Beach

    Callname: "A Lovely and Clear Sea Once More"
    Thousands of citizens are being sent to Miami where they are shipped off to white slavery. A large battle cruiser is also moored on the beach there enforcing control through long range missiles and helicopter support. Metal Wolf must destroy these forces and free as many hostages as possible before sinking the cruiser and its captain, Brigadier General Robert Forester, the Eagle of the Atlantic, who also happens to be Michael Wilson's former military commander.

    New York City

    Callname: "Operation We Love NYC"
    The city and its citizens are being used as test subjects for the new weapons being developed by the coup d'etat forces. Upon arriving, Metal Wolf finds himself faced with a titanic robot spider weapon called Casparaitis that will keep the pressure on with a massive energy cannon. Only by destroying enemy forces and its recharge station does Metal Wolf have any chance of stopping it and saving the city.

    Liberty Island

    Jody and the others are forced to abandon the President when the New United States Constitution turns any sympathizer along with their families and friends into enemies of the state. However, Richard Hawk has other plans for themand uses them as bait by putting them in a helicopter transport and placing it on top of the Statue of Liberty's torch. Metal Wolf heads over to Liberty Island in order to rescue them even though he knows that it's a trap simply because he's the President of the United States.

    The Fight House

    Callname: "I'm Home, Operation White House"
    The enemy is concentrated at their last stronghold, an underground base and the White House which is now armored and fortified. Metal Wolf comes home to destroy the underground base and surgically blow away the armor and weapons that have turned the White House into the Fight House.

    Final Stages

    Metal Wolf finally confronts Richard Hawk for the Presidency of the United States.

    Las Vegas

    Callname: "Good Luck and Godspeed Mr. President, We Believe in You"
    Richard Hawk has been tracked to Las Vegas, waiting for Michael to show up in his own powered suit. It's time to settle the score.

    Space Station

    Callname: "Believe in your Own Justice"
    The Vice-President has fled to the United States' space colony with his best soldiers and is planning to invade the nation from space. It is up to Michael Wilson to put an end to his ambitions forever while under pressure from a time limit as he rides a massive elevator up to the top.


    Metal Wolf Chaos was created in approximately eight months. To accomplish this, FromSoftware used the engine it had created for the Otogi series as it was designed to handle the on-screen destruction which the design demanded. Additionally, a North American release was originally planned for the game and it even made an appearance at E3. However, for unknown reasons, a full version of the game never officially made it overseas. A demo of the game, however, was hidden as an Easter Egg in an Official Xbox Magazine disc, although none of the text was actually translated.


    Richard Hawk is often subjected to Michael Wilson's yelling.
    Richard Hawk is often subjected to Michael Wilson's yelling.
    Although the game is exclusive to Japan, Metal Wolf Chaos has managed to gain some attention outside of the country due to the fact that the voiced dialogue had been translated entirely into English. In addition to the exaggerated voice acting prevalent throughout the game, the underlying plot is also notable for its apparent parody of the United States, particularly its politics such as the Florida recount of the 2000 election and the PATRIOT ACT. Other items, such as "I [heart] New York City" t-shirts along with  Michael Wilson's melodramatic address of Richard Hawk's name have become well known items among the game's fans.

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