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Metatron's sprite from Shin Megami Tensei II.
Metatron's sprite from Shin Megami Tensei II.

In esoteric Jewish lore, Metatron is the ascended form of ancient patriarch Enoch, whom God took directly to heaven. Metatron is one of the highest beings in heaven and was the only one seen sitting down in God's presence, such was his near equality to God. He is also a scribe of heavenly deeds and may have been the voice of God to the Israelites, as God's own voice would drive men dead. Metatron's brother is Sandalphon.

Metatron in the Books of Enoch

The main sources we have today for Metatron's character come from the three Books of Enoch, apocryphal Biblical texts that are considered canon only in certain divisions of Judaism, specifically the Beta Israel Jews of Ethiopia.

Enoch's Transformation

Details of Enoch's ascension into Metatron are given in the Third Book of Enoch, also called the Hebrew Book of Enoch. After being given divine knowledge and the duties of heavenly scribe, the text describes Metatron's own account of the transformation:

Suddenly my flesh was changed into flames, my muscles into flaming fire, my bones into coals of juniper wood, the light of my eyelids into hot flames, and all of my limbs into wings of burning fire and my entire body into glowing fire. And on my right, flames were burning and dividing; on my left staves of wood were burning; around me the winds of storms and tempests were blowing and in front of me and behind me was roaring thunder accompanied by earthquakes. - 3 Enoch, Chapter 15

Alternate Names of Metatron

As the figure of Metatron is a subject mostly of Jewish mysteries and Rabbinical philosophy, he was given many names in attempts to explain his association with God and his lofty rank.

Names Given in the Third Book of Enoch

Chapter 48-D of the Third Book of Enoch gives what it calls the "Seventy Names of Metatron," though they number over one hundred. Most incorporate elements of YHVH's name, especially "Yah," the Hebrew letter that corresponds to the "Y" in YHVH. Certain names repeat, but reflect the order given in the text.

  • Yehoelyah
  • Yehoel
  • Yofiel
  • Yophphiel
  • Hafifiel
  • Margeziel
  • Gippyuel
  • Pahaziel
  • Hahah
  • Pepriel
  • Tatriel
  • Tabkiel
  • Haw
  • YHWH
  • Dah
  • WHYH
  • Hebed
  • Diburiel
  • Hafhapiel
  • Spiel
  • Paspasiel
  • Senetron
  • Metatron
  • Sogdin
  • Hadrigon
  • Asum
  • Sakhpam
  • Sakhtam
  • Migon
  • Mitton
  • Mottron
  • Rosfim
  • Khinoth
  • Khatatiah
  • Degazyah
  • Pisfyah
  • Habiskinyah
  • Mixar
  • Barad
  • Mikirk
  • Mispird
  • Khishig
  • Khishib
  • Minret
  • Bisyrym
  • Mitmon
  • Titmon
  • Piskhon
  • Safsafyah
  • Zirkhi
  • Zirkhyah
  • Be
  • Beyah
  • Hibhbeyah
  • Pelet
  • Pityah
  • Rabrabyah
  • Khas
  • Khasyah
  • Tafafyah
  • Tamtamyah
  • Sehasyah
  • Hirhuryah
  • Halhalyah
  • Bazrldyah
  • Satsatkyah
  • Sasdyah
  • Razrazyah
  • Bazzrazyah
  • Harimyah
  • Sibhyah
  • Sibibkhyah
  • Simkam
  • Yahseyah
  • Sibibyah
  • Sabkasbeyah
  • Khelilkhilyah
  • Kih
  • HHYH
  • WH
  • WHYH
  • Zakikyah
  • Turtisyah
  • Suryah
  • Zeh
  • Peniryah
  • Zihzih
  • Galrazayah
  • Mamlikyah
  • Hittyah
  • Hemekh
  • Khamyah
  • Mekaperyah
  • Perishyah
  • Sefam
  • Gibir
  • Giboryah
  • Gor
  • Goryah
  • Ziw
  • Hokbar
  • Lesser YHWH
  • Rabibiel
  • Tumiel
  • Segansakkiel

Elsewhere in 3 Enoch, God calls Metatron "Naar," which means "Youth," for being the newest being in Heaven.

Metatron in Kabbalah

In the Jewish spiritual tradition of Kabbalah, Metatron is the angel associated with Keter (meaning "crown"), the highest point on the Sephirot, the Tree of Life. Beyond Keter lies Ain Soph, the infinite nature of God.

In Shin Megami Tensei

Metatron appears as early as Shin Megami Tensei II as a regular encounter in the last dungeon in the game. He is always of the Law alignment, representative of his role as an agent of YHVH.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

 Metatron can be the final boss in the Labyrinth.
Metatron can be the final boss in the Labyrinth.

Metatron was given a starring role in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne's Amala Labyrinth sidequest. As the Demi-Fiend undertakes the quest to fetch the candelabra from the Fiends and delve deeper into the Labyrinth of Amala, Metatron warns him that he is being played by Lucifer and that his actions defy the will of YHVH. If this warning is not heeded, in the final Kalpa of the Labyrinth Metatron will raise arms against the Demi-Fiend. Beyond Metatron awaits only Lucifer himself.

Devil Survivor

Metatron also has a similar role in Devil Survivor, speaking the conscience of God in specific areas of the game. In Devil Survivor: Overclocked, he was added as a boss to the 8th day of Naoya's route.

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