Dose disc copy use Steamworks?

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I was thinking about getting this game off Amazon but then I saw the fat games for Games for Windows logo at the top.

Now I have read news articles saying it was Steamworks. So I am baffled is it steam works or no?

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#2 Posted by GentlemanlyGentleman (335 posts) -

The game only installs into Steam, nowhere else. At least that's how it appears to me. The Games for Windows thing confused me when I was buying it too.

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#3 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2831 posts) -

Yes, I bought it off Amazon then just inserted the Serial they gave me in to Steam and it activates right there so you can use Steam to download it.

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#4 Posted by rb_man (494 posts) -

@GentlemanlyGentleman: Oh cool thanks.

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#5 Posted by Jazzycola (672 posts) -

There's a difference between Games for Windows and Games for Windows Live. Games for Windows is just a way of saying it runs on Windows and meets MS requirements(gamepad support etc.). Games for Windows Live has the live logo right below the Games for Windows logo and as you know runs on MS's DRM.

Games for Windows Live
Games for Windows Live
Games for Windows
Games for Windows

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