Game ruining glitch

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#1 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

I'm at the bit of the game where you play the first part of the game for the second time, you know the battle outside with the car that gets knocked over?
Anyway I'm at the part where if you go too far forward without your AI partner, or too far backwards, you get killed by one of the creatures in a automated sequence. My AI partner has glitched, and gotten stuck and won't move, I can't carry on forwards as I get automatically killed and I can't get him to budge.
I've reloaded a checkpoint but he's stuck at the start of the last checkpoint so there is nothing I can do. Any ideas?

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#2 Posted by Bane (706 posts) -

Choose Load from the main menu and start further back before he becomes stuck.

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#3 Posted by Binman88 (3699 posts) -

Sounds harsh. Try chucking an explosive near him or something maybe? Or even shoot him? Doubt those will work. you might have to reload the mission from the main menu.

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#4 Posted by Hamst3r (5254 posts) -

I ran into this glitch to. What worked for me was to reload the checkpoint and then not go inside the room right way. A mutant jumps down from somewhere, you kill it and then the other guy walks into the building first. Every time I entered first that mutant wouldn't show up and he wouldn't follow me.

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