Is there an English version of the book Metro 2033?

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#1 Posted by sixghost (1716 posts) -

I've been looking around a bit, and so far no luck. I found something that said an english translation was supposed to come out December 2009.

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#2 Posted by Driadon (3253 posts) -

Not yet, from what online retailers are saying, it's going to be released February 17th. Any other version you come across are likely either German or Russian.

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Yeah, I was looking around as well and saw February 2010.

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#4 Posted by Venatio (4743 posts) -
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#5 Posted by Driadon (3253 posts) -
@Venatio: Oh there's tons of translations of it out there, it's just that any book stores that are currently selling copies here in North America tend to be selling either the German or Russian versions.
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#6 Posted by pause422 (6344 posts) -

I'd definitely be interested in picking one up too when it releases. I think the source material for it seems very interesting.

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#7 Posted by marc (860 posts) -

Book comes out in english on May 12th. I am pumped!!

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#8 Posted by Bullitus (140 posts) -

You can get the english version now. Just use The Book Depository. Paperback is $16.01 and hardback is $19.17.

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