My Metro 2033 pc Launcher

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This is my side project. Been writing it in c# and am happy with my coding structure. But it takes a while to text a debug all the items in the config file. 
So I would like you to download it and tell me what you think, and if you have played around with it before tell me what some of the items do and their value ranges. 
Still a work in progress, but I thought I had made enough progress to make it at least worth while to use. 
here is the Moddb page
or download it here.

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Here is the new Version
 -Added Code to pervent the program from trying to run metro.exe if it was not found in the defualt dir.If you get this, launch the game manually.
-Added Mouse Sensitivity and Aim Sensitivity.
-Added OnScreen Stats option, this will display stats at the top of your screen when ever the 3d engine is running, see images at MODdb for an example.
also main page works now.

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