Shotguns... useless?

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I've played my fair share of shooters. My favorite close range weapon has always been the shotgun. Werther it's sprinting up to a guy or running away from a monster, the shotgun has always been the most reliable weapon of choice for that burst-damage we all so crave.
My issue with this game? The shotgun is useless. Perhaps I'm not getting the right shotgun, but the 2-barrel and 5-shots shotguns just don't do their job. My handgun and assault rifle both do way more damage. In any other game a full shotgun shot or two would kill 99% of the normal enemies, but in this game, it just doesn't work that way.
Sorry if my rant got a bit long.

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When you come across hordes of enemies, I found the 5 barrel shotgun to be much more effective than the pistol or assault rifle. In the Cursed mission (where you blow up the tunnel) the respawning mutants were going down with two hits from the shotgun, sometimes three blasts being enough to take down two enemies. It also reloads a lot faster than the other weapons. The two barrel on the other hand, is largely ineffective.

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I'm playing hardcore do not buy the VNM gun

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When dealing with most enemies, the revolver does seem to be most effective. 2 shots typically on normal. Shotgun takes two or three, but i think the assault rifle is most useless. It'll help me in a pinch, but it's never my first choice. Granted, I still only have the first rifle so maybe that'll change.

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Revolver is the most effective, especially with the addons, until you get the Kalash with the laser dot. Also, headshots can kill in 1 or 2 hits with the pistol.

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My experience with the 4-shot (or is it 5?) shotgun is mostly positive, with occasional one shot kills on the nosalis mutants, and normally 2 shots is enough to put one down.  One negative is that the full reload time once empty can be a pain if you are getting swarmed.  What I like best about it is the sound; on my 5.1 system cranked up each shot is like an explosion coming out of the subwoofer....pure awesome. ;)

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The Double-barrel shotgun is pretty effective and extremely close range, but it seems like the hit detection from that thing is occasionally  awful. I've shot many enemies at point blank range and somehow did not hit them. Still, it's a really fun and sometimes satisfying weapon to use thanks to the sound effects combined with the reloading animation.
The auto-shotgun, what little I've used of it, it pretty awesome, though. Has decent range on it and packs a good punch.

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Hmm, the automatic shotty is my go-to weapon against mutants.  The reload animations alone make it worth using.   I do wish we could right-click aim it for a little more accuracy since I found the melee attack pretty useless.  

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