Whats Metro 2033 360 edition like?

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#1 Posted by Davvyk (788 posts) -

Im pretty much itching to make a purchase on Metro for my 360 and was planning to make a launch day purchase until i watched the quick look here on giant bomb.  
The 360 edition appears to have some pretty bad slow down issues and im just looking to get an opinion from people who have now played a chunk on the 360. Is the slowdown as bad as the quick look made it appear or is it just in isolated locations? I only ask as out of the 4 or 5 xbox specific reviews i have read not a single one mentions technical issues. 
Thanks in advance!

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#2 Posted by ApolloJ85 (256 posts) -
@Davvyk: About 2 - 3 hours in, had some very heavy firefights with loads of enemies. No slow down yet. 
Honestly, if no reviewer has specifically mentioned framerate issues as a negative factor, its not a problem.
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#3 Posted by Davvyk (788 posts) -
Yeah i was thinking it was odd that no reviews mentioned slow down yet its glaringly obvious in the quick look. Conflicting evidence from video and text reviews. 
Ahhh il just buy it
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#4 Posted by Jais (81 posts) -

The 360 version is good. It isn't nearly as bad as people claim it is.

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#5 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

In a sea of shooters, Metro 2033 seems mediocre at best.

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#6 Posted by ApolloJ85 (256 posts) -
@EVO: it ain't really a shooter. Well it is, but most people won't be playing it to shoot stuff. Its probably closer to survival horror in parts.
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#7 Posted by pweidman (2626 posts) -

There's no slowdown at all tc.  I've heard that the GB crew has to slow down the FR to film the quicklooks....dunno really why/true.?? 
I'm almost done w/my 1st playthrough, and the game is great in many respects.  The graphics and models are excellent(esp. the monsters!!). It doesn't hold your hand though; be prepared to figure stuff out without much clue.  The atmosphere and setting is very immersive, and the gameplay is good once you get used to it.  It's a shooter/stealth mix for sure.  There are glitches, nothing gamebreaking at all though, and at times the enemy human AI are dumb, but mostly it is tense, gritty, and fun...especially towards the end imo.  There's also replayability because there are so many side areas to find, and missions that aren't required to finish to progress the story, and some are easy to miss.  I expect the replay to be even better from the orientation of the first play and the chance to get all the mission achieves etc. 
Oh and btw, the word from the russian community is that if you understand/speak russian, the story and comments throughout the game add a ton to the story and interest of the many npcs.  Apparently the English translation is rather weak.  Russian is a language option, and could add to the immersion even more, understanding or no I spose.
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#8 Posted by Davvyk (788 posts) -

Well ive played up to and past the pointof the quick look now and have had little to no slow so all in all am very happy. Turning out to be great so far.

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#9 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Does anyone have an idea of about how long this game is? 
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#10 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (2425 posts) -

I haven't had any slowdown yet, and I'm more than half-way through the game. There are bugs in the game, but nothing game-breaking or too frustrating, and I believe you'll find those bugs no matter which version of the game you play.

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#11 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

I've not had any slow downs only some glitches.
The main one easily fixable is when I pull out the clip board to look at objectives, and put it away, if I do so too quickly it seems to stay there when I have a gun out, so there's both the clipboard and gun on screen, it's rather annoying, it's fixed by retaking it out over and over till it goes though.
That's it for glitches, the games actually pretty good, especially some of the odd stealth things, like hiding behind a wall knowing a monster is going to run past putting your light out and hoping to God he carrier on because ammo is scarce.

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#12 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -
I havent encountered any big problems like slowdowns. So far it runs smooth and I am thoroughly enjoying the game.
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#13 Posted by Evil_Alaska (333 posts) -
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
" @Davvyk: I havent encountered any big problems like slowdowns. So far it runs smooth and I am thoroughly enjoying the game. "
Beat it and started a second play through. The only real issue of slowdown, and its a big one, is in D6 during the ameba attack. The rest of the game played really well for me.
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#14 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -
@PeasantAbuse said:
" Does anyone have an idea of about how long this game is?  "
My friend beat it on the PC in 8 hours.
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#15 Posted by ThatFrood (3471 posts) -

it's a great game.

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#16 Posted by zeezkos (70 posts) -

I've been trying to decide whether to get this on the PC or 360... I'd prefer to control it on the pc, but unless I move it over to where my tv is buying it on 360 would give a better immersion with the tv/surrounds.   I had heard on other reviews that the 360 version was buggy (at least on release) compared to the PC version.. does anyone know if this has changed after all these months ?
thx in advance

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#17 Edited by Meltac (2008 posts) -

The 360 version was not as bad as some claimed it was. I completed it 3 times, and never ran into problems. It looked great, and played great, but if you have a PC, which can play it, I would say you should buy it for that. Mostly because the game was intendedfor that platform, and it looks stunning with all settings maxed out. 

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#18 Posted by FirePrince (1796 posts) -

The 360 version runs just fine.I had no slowdown at all during my playthrough.

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#19 Posted by zeezkos (70 posts) -

Ic, thx.  The main thing i saw in the GT review was the odd ragdoll physics on corpses and some AI that seemed really bad, but comments below the review said the pc version was ok, the AI may have been due to low difficulty setting etc.    Doesn't help the 360 that the pc version is on sale quite often...might get it used, though.  My basic  pc specs are:
Radeon 3870 512mb
4g ram
core 2 quad q6600
going to test the pc-tv hook-up this weekend, but I'd rather wait for a vidcard upgrade like the 5870 so i can just hdmi --> receiver, rather than dvi + sound.

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