Why didn't I pick this up sooner?

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I'm enjoying the hell out of this game, the setting and atmosphere, to the characters and dialog. Games like this and STALKER really make me wish more games would make it over here from the Eastern bloc, plus im getting my post apocalyptic fun in before Fallout: NV. Gameplay is pretty fun too, and i usually try to explore everything i can in each area (thanks STALKER)  
I know it scored okay scores from a bunch of reviewers(GB included) but you'd be crazy to pass it up (unless you don't own a 360 or gaming quality PC)

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I waited a bit longer than you and I am very glad I picked this game up. It's a beautiful game with great style and very enjoyable mechanics. I had a lot of fun on my first playthrough and am now starting a second. I only had a few complaints one of which is that I wish it was a bit longer. I saw that huge metro map and was disappointed that so much of it was not really part of the game. I just enjoyed what was there, and the world they created, so much that I wanted more of it. I was surprised that I became so enthralled in a world that takes place primarily in a metro tunnel network but the way they protrayed the world the characters live in really brought it to life and made it a place I wanted to explore even if it is a very scary place that I would never want to live in. The constant references to the old world and everything that was lost gave it a realistic sadness that made it more than just another shooter. It felt like a real world with real people experiencing all the pain and heartache that humans in that situation would be subjected to. It really sucked me in and kept me interested in what would happen to these survivors of human folly.
That said I had a few minor issues with the game. I do wish they had put a bit more artistic effort into the faces of the people around me. Something about their eyes was lifeless. I can't quite put my finger on it but I know part of it was that they were usually too wide and didn't move in the sockets. Also they didn't look at me like they should have sometimes, peering up at the ceiling or off in some odd direction that seemed totally out of place. It just seemed odd that a game that put so much into developing such excellent characters would fail to bring them to life in the animation process. Maybe a drawback of their budget but I hope it is corrected in the next game. 
Another thing was I wanted to hear more of the main character speaking. I felt that since he spoke leading into the levels he wasn't ment to be the silent protaganist type such as Gordon Freeman in the Half Life series.  He had a very nice voice, softspoken and thoughtful, and I wanted to hear more of it. I wanted to hear his response when people asked him questions. I think it would have been good for the character and for the game as a whole. But then I"ve never really been a fan of the silent character portrayals in most games. 
I also wish a bit more had been done with the monetary system in the game.  It wasn't bad but it needed to be fleshed out a bit more to make it more of a necessity. Too much was handed to me for free and I never felt the struggle for resources that I felt I should be feeling considering the state of the world I was in. Free ammo was everywhere and I never once purchased any. This was on the game's middle difficulty setting. I was also handed many free guns along the way meaning I really only bought one when I wanted to try something different. It never felt at all necessary. I also found too many med packs and gas mask cannisters. Both were constantly on bodies meaning I never struggled with those resources either. It didn't ruin the game by any means but I did think it would have made the game world feel more real if I had to struggle a bit more with those items. I wanted to get to town and get that "Thank god I'm here I can stock up now" feeling.  Instead I usually bypassed the merchants, preferring to save my bullets to buy a new high end weapon should any become available.
Other than that I really enjoyed this game from start to finish. The story was compelling and very well paced and every character I ran into was interesting and fit well within the story. I'm really looking forward to the second game now and wil definitely not wait so long to pick it up. I just hope they do as good a job on the story and characters as they did with this one. I would love to see this series pick up speed and turn into something really special.

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