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Choo-choo, The Exodus is coming this friday for PC and consoles, wrapping up the Metro trilogy.

Reviews seem to mostly agree on it being an ok game, with a bunch of technical issues and some such. I decided to get it for X, even though my past experiences with 2033 and Last Light ended before I had finished either. But maybe third time's the charm?

Also, let's try and not make this into a Steam vs Epic discussion. Getting pretty tired of that taking over almost anything Exodus related posted on social media. If you really want to dig into it, there's this thread.

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#2 Edited by Firepaw (3134 posts) -

Really looking forward to this, I originally bounced off both prior Metro games, but eventually gave them a second shot - and they are now some of my favorite first-person games :)

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#3 Posted by Nodima (2602 posts) -

All I want for Valentine's Day is another Dan Ryckert Metro video.

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I was hoping they'd have a quick look up today, but I guess it'll come soon enough. I've been really looking forward to this game, loved 2033 but bounced off the second one. Here's hoping they'll update it quick to take care of all these bugs we're hearing about.

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#6 Posted by Relkin (1166 posts) -

Very excited for this. I only got around to playing Last Light late last year, and am looking forward to getting back in that world.

Also began reading the books, which I've enjoyed so far.

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I wasn't actually sure about Exodus because of Metro Last Light being such a drop-off from the very good 2033. But from what I've read and seen though, the open world/migration aspects of this third Metro make it sound like something I have to play. I'm actually excited to play it come Friday now. And hopefully a launch day patch addresses some of the bugs that were present in review copies.

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#8 Posted by Shindig (4914 posts) -

Thanks to some business bollocks, they only seem to be giving out Xbox and PC review copies.

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#9 Posted by Asterix_Gaul (3 posts) -

Read some reviews and a bit disappointed.

Reviewers write, that Metro loses its atmosphere in the first part and tries to follow all modern trends. Also, part with desert is similar to the Mad Max movie. Only in the second part Exodus returns to the Metro we know.

That won't stop me from playing for sure. But I really expected smth more, maybe the hype is to blame.

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#10 Posted by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

I was pumped to get it but there is so much coming out this week and Apex being good actually ruined that for me. Gonna wait on a discount and some patches. Decided to go with New Dawn because it was cheaper and a known quantity and I'm gonna try Crackdown 3 on gamepass.

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Apex has fucked up my entire week. In a good way.

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Glad i bought the steam version :p preload FTW. Jokes aside looking forward to this one sinds it's being announced big fan of STALKER / Russian folklore so this is right up my alley.

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#15 Posted by NTM (11756 posts) -

Dang, it sucks that I'm tired and have to work tomorrow because I want to keep playing it. The small (yes, small) issues aside, I can firmly say I'm already loving it and totally invested. Things can change soon considering I'm not that far into it, but from what I've experienced so far I am into it.

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I was very excited for this game, and was going to buy it at launch, but after hearing how buggy it is, I am going to hold off for a few weeks until they hopefully patch some of the worst of it out (or if they don't, maybe I'll pass on it until it's on sale in a year).

Never pre-order games, kids.. ;-)

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@sbarre: I am not very far into it but have run into a few bugs myself, but frankly they're not huge detractors so far. The first major one was the game froze on me so I had to quit back to the dashboard on the Xbox One X. It only happened once, and it felt like it was due to a particularly unstable frame rate area which the game tends to stay away from as it sticks mostly to 30fps on the X. Another one was an enemy kept walking backward and would vanish and reappear a few feet elsewhere. I was just thinking about how if they patch the game a few times, the game would be... well, not perfect, but it'd make many other issues negligible.

The game so far is exceptional to me and it just feels like a different first-person shooter game to others we get these days. It also is starting to have one of my favorite atmosphere's this generation. I love the lighting as well with its night and day. It uses HDR excellently. I think the biggest detractor so far that I think people will have is, in part, the difference compared to other fps' because it is extremely slow. Your movement speed is not fast at all, and some may be put off at how slow the vertical sensitivity is especially, even when sensitivity is set to the highest. On PC it's probably not an issue. Visually, I thought the game only looked marginally better than Redux in several minor ways, but getting into the first open area, I believe it's one of the best looking games this gen and has me excited to see what's coming next-gen.

I'm loving it, and in my experience so far, the bugs aren't so bad that it's bumming me out. I'd love a few patches to make it even more polished though.

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@ntm I'm glad to hear you're not experiencing the level of bugginess I've seen on Twitch and from speaking to friends (one of whom has already uninstalled the game and is now waiting for patches).. Crash bugs aside, I'm also hoping they improve the human enemy AI a bit, as I've heard and read that it's not great.

I am a huge fan of the previous Metro games, I played through them a few times (both originals and Redux) and I loved the atmosphere and storytelling, and it sounds like that's all still there.. so good!

I am excited to play Exodus, but I'm willing to wait a bit to see if they can polish it up, so my first playthrough isn't too compromised..

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Haven't experienced any fatal bugs yet either, but I'm only a an hour or two into the first big open area.

If anything, the graphics are gorgeous. Playing the game on X and the atmosphere is through the roof in some places. Having to make your way through water during night-time especially has been nerve-wrecking on a level I haven't experienced in quite a while. Interiors are pretty top-notch as well, though I'm at times a little bothered by how most of the props are very static. No bottles rolling across the floor or other garbage getting shoved around as you walk through it.

The weighty shooting definitely takes some time getting used to and I was quickly reminded of how I felt about it in the previous games as well. So far I haven't had too much trouble with it, luckily, even if there have been some hectic firefights.

The story seems...okay so far. Nothing exceptional, but keeps you going. One thing to improve it with would be better voice acting. The English VA is ok at best and just embarrassingly bad at worst, while the Russian one is at least authentic, but still quite bland.

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#20 Posted by nateandrews (71 posts) -

It's a bit of a clunker and the shooting doesn't feel great, but I'm into it. I wanted to get it day 1 to support these kinds of single player first person shooters, because we don't get many of them anymore. It does a lot of immersive stuff that I wish games like Far Cry still did, like having a physical map and compass. I'm a sucker for those things.

I keep going back and forth on whether I want to play the game in English or Russian. I played the first two in Russian, but I've found myself having a hard time keeping up with the subtitles here. There's a lot of talking in this game. Probably going to continue on in English so I can focus better on the world.

Also, the single most bothersome thing in this game right now is how character dialog goes 100% into the left or right channel if you aren't facing directly at the person talking. I play with headphones and it is deeply uncomfortable.

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#21 Posted by shivermetimbers (1706 posts) -

It very much has that STALKER feel to it, albeit with much much better shooting. I'm sorry, I don't like the ballistics crap the STALKER games have. It also has some great character development if you stop and look around. The pacing could be a bit better as it seems the game desperately wants to get moving to its opened up adventure, but that's really nit-picky.

Watching the quick look and it seems like my hindsight that this was a mouse and keyboard game is confirmed. The game actually plays quite nicely with a mouse and keyboard and I couldn't imagine aiming with a gamepad. The Epic Store thing is sad, but I don't mind personally.

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#22 Edited by NTM (11756 posts) -

@sbarre: It's true, the human A.I. is not very good. You can die fast if they shoot you on normal, but that means little when it comes to their intelligence. At the beginning of the game, I was going around stealthily and I walked right in front of an enemy, just walking toward him, in his vision cone if you will and he couldn't see me so I knocked him out with no alerts. That said, that was the only time, and coincidentally it was right near where the game froze. After that, in my experience so far they can easily see you if you're not in a dark place, and you'll be behind cover or shooting at them so you won't really notice they're intelligence all that much. It's interesting too and I'm curious to hear what people do because after you knock out or kill a few enemies, the rest of the A.I. surrender. I'm wondering if people will kill them, knock them out, or just let them be. From what I've heard, and experienced so far, they don't trick you by picking their gun back up and shooting at you again. I've just taken the ammo from their guns and let them be, but accidentally knocked one out when I tried to clamber up from some stairs. They didn't really react to that.

There hasn't been a whole lot of human vs. human action and I've explored most of the first open map area in the game. I've only killed/knocked out about six human A.I. so far. And again, now that I've put a few more hours into it last night, probably almost finishing up the first area, there haven't really been any bugs of note. While not necessarily a bug, some of the animations aren't great; they feel kind of dated, and the transition from scripted conversation back to normal, walking, animating A.I. patterns is a bit unpolished. It's very minor though. So far the game is excellent. I've seen some say that there isn't a lot to do in the world, but I'm kind of seeing that as a plus because it gets away from the very checkbox-y feel of open worlds. This game just allows you to explore and soak in the atmosphere while doing several side activities that pop up as you're doing the main quest. Maybe it'll change, but I've decided to follow the main story as opposed to getting off the beaten path, and luckily the main quest makes you go everywhere so you're not really missing out.

Voice acting isn't terrible, it's about on par with the previous games (maybe very slightly better), but I think the Russian voice acting probably makes more sense. I haven't tried it, but there's one moment where your squadmates are talking, and one of them is an American, and he says 'I'm not even sure I can't speak English anymore' when he is clearly speaking it well. I really like the characters though, and going out and getting more people for the Aurora is cool. I'm also happy that kids sound like kids in this. In Redux especially, that wasn't the case. One question though, is it just meant to be cute or is it a Russian thing for a stranger to call the adult uncle/aunt? You save a little girl and her mother, and they're all of a sudden calling you uncle and Anna aunt. If I go through the game again, which I probably will, I'll play it through with Russian vo. Sorry if this was overlong and not easy to read. In all, the game is polished well enough in my experience that I could recommend people get it now, but it might be different for other people

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#23 Posted by NTM (11756 posts) -

@nateandrews: Playing with a soundbar with satellite speakers. That hasn't happened to me so it might just be how the game works with your headphones? Something I also noticed, but maybe it's just my perception of it rather than fact, but I feel like if I go into the options menu for sound and check the spatial, Dolby Atmos box, and then uncheck it (I just wanted to see what the difference was, despite not having a Dolby Atmos sound system), the volume of everything is lowered so I have to quit the game and restart. It's either me just thinking that that's happening, or there's a bug.

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#24 Posted by sbarre (82 posts) -

@ntm: I actually changed my mind and picked up the game this morning, and I've been playing through it all day.. I agree with you, it's a great game, and I haven't had many errors.. One crash bug in about 8 hours of playing and that's fine..

The A.I. isn't as bad as it seemed, and I've found the game challenging without being frustrating. Like you I am trying to play a "good" Artyom and avoid killing the good humans, which is quite rewarding.

It really seems to factor into the gameplay and into the outcomes, which has been great.

So far so good, this game is fantastic.

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#25 Edited by NTM (11756 posts) -

@sbarre: I haven't been playing it non-stop, but when I can I put in as many hours as I can. I haven't put any into it today since I was busy, but last night I played it for several hours and got past the winter section of the game. It has a really good length to it and I enjoyed the winter map. The game froze on me one more time, but still aside from that, no big or really even small issues so far. As for going through it with as little kills as I can, it's not really happening in this game, whereas in the previous games I'd go all the way through them without killing any humans. I think it has to do with the more open spaces. I haven't really thought about it much either until I killed a few dudes who's conversation had just ended, where I got a tan-ish ring around the screen indicating a moral choice (so I reverted back to my last save or checkpoint).

Once I had finished the winter level, I was kind of regretting the fact I killed anyone and was unsure as to whether my kills racked up some negative outcomes in the story. I'm hesitant to look up if it had done anything since I don't want anything spoiled, but on a second playthrough, I'll try to do things differently. Yeah A.I. isn't that bad. I've got to see how they react more when exploring the open map. It's pretty intimidating to walk in a dark building with a bunch of enemies in there because when the game gets dark, it really gets dark and the flashlight isn't helpful when your sneaking. I swear, it is a relief when you get the night vision goggles (which I will say you can only get, I believe, by doing a side thing. So... Explore). Before that as much as I thought the night was cool looking, its danger compared to the day led me to always go sleep 'til morning when I found a place to rest.

Man, I always write more than I intend. Oh well. What system did you get it on?

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#26 Posted by TehBuLL (819 posts) -

Sound is weird in this game. Just

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#27 Posted by sbarre (82 posts) -

@ntm: I got it on PC..

I also just finished the first open-world map and just started the second one but then called it a night.

The only humans I've killed are the bandits (minor spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished the first area: when you leave the first region, the journal tells you it was good thing that you didn't leave the religious people at their mercy) and I'm fine with that.

I haven't noticed any kind of on-screen moral choice indicator, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

And I agree on the exploration thing.. It took me a while to figure out the binoculars will mark your map if you linger long enough on a point of interest, so once it did that, I made sure to check all the spots before moving on.. and you're right, I wouldn't have half the gear and weapon parts I have now if I'd just straight-lined the main mission. The NV goggles were definitely a blessing to get early, I know what you mean.

Anyhow, still really enjoying the game and story, can't wait to see where it goes..

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#28 Posted by Bane (912 posts) -

I'm having a good time. I think they evolved most of the game in some pretty smart ways.

The larger, open areas are a lot of fun to explore. I replayed 2033 and Last Light before Exodus and I'm very thankful for these large outdoor areas. It gives the player something new, it lets their art department do something fresh, and it lets them take the story to new places. Literally.

And yet you can still find yourself in the typical Metro-style cramped underground areas. I think they're even creepier now thanks to being in 4K HDR.

I'm still learning what makes good HDR lighting, but man this game seems to do it well. Glow sticks reflecting off of wet pavement, mushrooms glowing in the dark of some underground bunker, or the harsh light of exposed fluorescent bulbs. It just looks so good.

My favorite evolution they made has to be the crafting system. I think the balance between what can be crafted and used in the field versus what you have to return to a safe house to do is pretty on point. Being able to use a 4x scope and red laser during the day, and swap them out for a night vision scope and IR laser at night is too cool. The amount of resources you can find seems to be just about perfect on Normal difficulty. I'll head into a safe house with the materials I've collected, replenish first aid kits, filters, and ammo, clean my weapons, and walk out with almost no materials left.

There are a few things detracting from my enjoyment of the game though: it freezes up a lot, the aiming is still as terrible as it was in the first two games, and one weapon slot is locked to a pneumatic weapon.

I'm not too worried about the freezing issue. I'm sure they'll patch it out, and the autosaves are generous so you don't lose a whole lot of progress. Plus you can quicksave now which is awesome! The loads are very slow though, so it can take several minutes to get back into the game after a freeze.

The aiming, ugh. It still feels sluggish and lifeless even with the sensitivity maxed out. I don't know if there's some kind of acceleration issue, or maybe a deadzone issue, but it's terrible. If you can use a mouse do it, because it sucks with a gamepad. Sucks bad.

I don't like that one slot is locked to a pneumatic weapon. I always carry a shotgun, so now I have to decide between an assault rifle or a sniper rifle. The pneumatic Tikhar is not good enough to have it forced on us at all times. It's got low damage, low range, and has to be repressurized on the regular. Unless I can sneak into close range and pull off a headshot it's kind of worthless.

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#29 Posted by NTM (11756 posts) -

@sbarre: Nice. Are you getting to use ray tracing? I think it looks great on the X, but the ray tracing looks awesome. I'm where you're at in the game still, or was. I'm not sure if you played it more. I'm going to start playing it now though.

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#30 Edited by NTM (11756 posts) -

I just beat the game. I liked it fine, but yeah, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed I guess. I mean, if this is the last Metro game, I didn't really care for the conclusion to all of Metro. I got the good ending, but early on in the game in the winter section, I wasn't playing how I typically do a Metro game where I'm all pacifist-y (so, Dutch died). The game was long enough, and I'm not sure I liked it enough to jump back in on hard right now. It'll probably be a while.

I feel like I got what I wanted out of it, which is also kind of disappointing. Also, while I had the time to, for the most part, I wasn't compelled to play this game nonstop. There are some story bits that didn't come back which didn't make sense to me, and at least one pivotal character from the previous two that didn't appear in it so it just kind of felt like a flat conclusion in a handful of ways to me.

Edit - I decided to restart it on the hardest with Russian vo instead of jumping into anything new. I'm going to take it even slower this time around, and so far I have enjoyed it even more than my first. The HUD isn't gone in this game on hard, its opacity is just dialed down. I'm totally okay with that. On the other hand, enemies can kill you with what feels like one shot, so being tactical and when dying, remembering the best way to go about the situation is useful. Unfortunately, in my first playthrough, the game had frozen on me about five or six times, and it just froze on me. On hard there is no quick save/quick load, only reverting back to the last checkpoint. I might just wait for some patches now.

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#31 Edited by WezqApe (86 posts) -

I just finished it and liked it. The beginning parts were awesome and reminded me of S.T.A.LK.E.R., especially when it was night and the anomalies were roaming around. The later areas didn't have the same draw. The desert was ok with the sandstorms kicking up dust, and the old ships wrecks in the dried lake bottom. I basically crouch-walked leisurely through the whole forest section. I only fought with the bear, and spent my time just hoping it would get more interesting or end soon. The last area was a more interesting one, but a bit too scripted to have any sense of adventure or real danger.

The dialogue and writing in general was swinging pretty wildly between amazing atmosphere, hilariously bad, and just cringy. Mostly landing on the last two. The part with the lonely lunatic in the wheelchair talking to himself was especially awful, as was most of the bonding between the crew. The game was at it's best when it didn't force me to listen to someone trying to force the atmosphere down my earholes with bad dialogue, but instead let me soak it in at my own pace. I spent a couple of great moments just taking in the apocalyptic scenery. The most magical one by far was standing outside and staring at the world flying past outside while Stepan played and sang after the wedding.

It was more of a positive than negative experience. The atmosphere and immersion were good enough to keep me going through the worse bits. I doubt I'll ever replay this one, but if I will it's going to be with the voice acting in russian.

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#32 Posted by nateandrews (71 posts) -

Made it to the desert area today. My enjoyment of this game has only increased so far, partly because I managed to somewhat solve the clunky shooting feel by switching from my TV to one of my monitors. For whatever reason, some games (but not all) have a slight input lag when playing on my TV, but none on my monitors. Not sure why I didn't fully realize that's what was happening sooner.

The van is so much better than the boats in the Volga area, which just felt awful to use. Don't have to worry about giant shrimp spitting at me either! Also, this area has gotten me to reinstall Mad Max because now I'm dying to play that again.

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#33 Posted by NoneSun (807 posts) -

One of my favourite games this generation, also possibly the best looking one.

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#34 Edited by handlas (3396 posts) -

Anyone wanna confirm I'm not crazy?

I was having trouble seeing things in the game. Either I set the gamma where everything was super dark or blown out. So I decided to turn HDR on my Xbox One X off. Thought it may look better like Red Dead does.

But there was a different outcome. The sluggish controls are fixed. No more of that really heavy input delay feeling. I can't imagine it's in my head since that was one of the main things that was causing me to not enjoy the game as much as I wanted.

Anyway... give it a try if you want. Think I may just keep HDR off from now on; seems to cause more issues than benefits.

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