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    Metroid: Other M

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Aug 31, 2010

    Set between the events of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, Other M follows Samus Aran on a rescue mission to a derelict ship in deep space where she encounters her former commanding officer and a whole host of old and new trouble.

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    Metroid: Other M is a disappointment by any measure 2

    I was an excited 6 year old when Metroid II: The Return of Samus was released for the Game Boy. I've been a huge fan of the series ever since. It's been literally years since I've bought a Wii game, but I knew I wasn't going to pass up the next game in the Metroid series, even if some of what I was seeing in trailers seemed a bit out of place. Things like free missile and health recharges definitely seemed strange, but if they worked within the context of the gameplay, then who really cares?Afte...

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    It certainly is "Other". 1

    Let me just start off by saying I love Metroid. Metroid, Super Metroid, the three Prime games, the GBA games, are all super in my book. Other M, however, is really not one of those games at all and while that maybe means it lives up to its sub title.  Controls are just plain weird and that doesn’t bode well for an action game. Some really unusual choices were made with this game as it uses the Wiimote minus nunchuk and motion plus, that’s right only the wiimote is used for the controls. That giv...

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    Defining Dissapointment 0

    I sometimes think I throw the word disappointment around too much, mainly because it is the type of headlining word that can encompass pretty much any negative feelings on a video game. And not just downright scathing for crap like “Survivor” or “Limbo of the Lost” either, a game that is disappointing you usually have high hopes for. You are expecting something amazing, and you receive something mediocre, like constant Madden sequels not changing much.  Sadly, “Metroid: Other M” falls ...

    8 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Alright Metroid fans, strap yourself in for a shock 0

    While I'm sure Nintendo's swimming in their pool of money to really notice, I kind of feel sorry for the company at times. Home to some of the game industry's most beloved franchises, they're also targets for some of the more finicky fans and like Capcom, I bet it's tough for them to figure out what to do with these franchises. If you make the same kind of game every time, fans cry that they're just milking the franchise, banking on nostalgia or just plain being lazy. Change the formula however ...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Metroid: Other M Review 0

    Going into Metroid: Other M, most gamers know what to expect. With Team Ninja taking the helm, most gamers thought Other M was going to a clone of past Team Ninja games, Ninja Gaiden being the most popular. In certain preview events, this notion was squashed. Team Ninja with this a pseudo-2-D, 3-D game and managed to bring their flare to one of Nintendo's flagship series. In a stark turn from the last Metroid game on the Wii, Metroid: Prime, this game ditches the first person view point and adap...

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    A Different Yet Mixed Take on a Beloved Franchise... 1

     Note: The gameplay videos might contain spoilers...      When Metroid: Other M was announced last year by Nintendo, fans were eagerly excited yet curious of how a different developer, Team Ninja, would handle such a beloved franchise. Departing from the successful and critically acclaimed Prime Trilogy by Retro Studios, Other M feels like a new refreshing take, yet familiar retaining elements from both the 2D and 3D games. I gotta give Nintendo credit for having the balls allowing Team Ninja to...

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    Really not that bad at all 0

    Metroid: Other M, developed by Nintendo and Tecmo’s Team Ninja (known for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive games) is the first in the series where the main heroine, Samus Aran, has a speaking role.  Throughout the series’ 8 previous games, Samus Aran’s personality was little more than an outline tracing a fearless, silent galactic bounty hunter.  Her personality was left to the player’s imagination, akin to Star Wars’ Boba Fett, and that’s how players liked her.  Metroid: Other M fleshe...

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    Metroid Fan Service, for better or for worse 2

     Metroid Other M is the first 3D Metroid game to come out not related to the Prime series. Ever since the conclusion of the Prime series, a side scrolling 3D Metroid game has been all I've wanted, especially after the excellent XBLA game Shadow Complex which follows the same Metroid style of gameplay. Unfortunately, after the title screen came back up and I turned my Wii off, this game left more bad taste than good in my mouth. Metroid Other M's gameplay is very tight and fun to play, but...

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    A Welcome Change 5

    Compared to the previous titles in the series, Metroid:  Other M is a different beast.  A third-person action and exploration game like its side-scrolling predecessors, it allows movement in 3D space.  The player isn't always allowed to go anywhere, even if they have the equipment to take on the challenges within an area that's been sealed off.  The story is given more priority than ever before, and Samus isn't alone in the fight.  Yet, for everything that's different, the game is s...

    10 out of 18 found this review helpful.

    M for Mysogyny. 0

    I’d like to take a second to prove something. Remember how great Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox was? Remember the plot to Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox? No? Point proven. I feel like Team Ninja has had this problem for years, where they spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars developing elaborately spectacular cutscenes of strong visual quality, but with poor writing, voice-acting, logic, respect for women and other issues. Then I wonder: Why not just save millions of yen and not bother with those newf...

    3 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Very fun, despite minor flaws. 0

       Before I get too far into this, I'll just get out of the way right now that I've only recently gotten into the Franchise thanks to Metroid Prime Trilogy coming out for the Wii, and as far as the mythology goes, what I know about Metroid's history has been told to me through what is revealed in the Prime series, as well as the very convenient trailer for Other M that summed up the plots of the original games.  Metroid: Other M is thus my first real chance to play a more traditional metroid gam...

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    Review: Metroid: Other M 0

    From a distance, Metroid: Other M appears to be the series’ return to its side-scrolling adventure roots. And after the success of Shadow Complex, the traditional Metroid game seemed like an idea worth revisiting. But just hours in to the game, it becomes clear that the “return to form” angle surrounding the game was an invention of the Nintendo fan base rather than the intention of developer Team Ninja.It should be made clear that Other M is a Team Ninja game with Metroid characters, rather tha...

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    Any Objections, Adam? 0

    I've been an on-again off-again fan of the Metroid series, which really means I like most of the games in the series that I've played, but it's not really a franchise that keeps me yearning for the next one, so I tend to forget about it between releases that catch my interest.  Nevertheless, when it was announced that Other M would take the series in a new, more action-focused direction I was definitely hopeful, and thought that if anyone could bring intense, demanding action to the Metroid bran...

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    Any objections, lady? 0

    I've played every core Metroid game in existence (meaning all but Metroid Prime Pinball), and also consider myself a fan of the series. Therefore, I was pretty curious how well Team Ninja’s effort would pan out. Put bluntly, there are some interesting ideas here, but the execution is less than perfect, and Metroid: Other M is somewhat middling as both a Metroid game and as an action game.When I think Metroid, I think exploration and item hunting. When I think Team Ninja, I think pure action. Oth...

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    Metroid: Other M Is A Satisfying Game from Start to Finish 0

     I'm back! Metroid: Other M is the highly anticipated game from Nintendo which lets you once again take control of Samus Aran, one of the most powerful bounty hunters in the galaxy. It is co-developed by Team Ninja, the same people who created the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series and Other M follows the same formula with those games in some shape or form. Like Metroid Prime, many people showed signs of doubts when this game was first announced in 2009 because of the way it was designed. W...

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    M is for Metroid? 0

        OverviewMetroid: Other M has been one of the more divisive games to have come out in 2010.  The game has been called brilliant by some and sexist by others.   Other M takes place immediately after Super Metroid.  Samus gets a distress signal from a frigate called the Bottleship.  Once she lands on the ship to investigate, she realizes that the Galactic Federation is already on board.  Not only that, but it just so happens to be her she was assigned to when she was part of the Federation...

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    Other M 3

     like many games Metroid Other M dose not follow its other counter parts in the series. and take a chance with a new pace and gives a nice back story to Samus Aran, giving her a more human like state that  any Metroid fan can love/Hate, with beautiful CG cut seen and excellent game play Metroid other M is a must have for the Wii. if you are looking for a game to play and have fun on the Wii. wait no more ..........some advice when in first person view make sure you are far away from enemy's you ...

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    Definitely Team Ninja! 0

     If you are a Metroid fan of any kind, whether it was the prime series or one of the side scroller installments that drew you in.... Go get it. NOW! Regardless of any review you found, even if it was a review from [insert favorite game review site], you will love it. There is SO MUCH fan service, it's ridiculously awesome. Someone says Tourian out loud. Ridley makes the most badass epic appearance in the series (Well, it's tied with the MP3 intro fight at least), there are sidehoppers (AND the g...

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    Good Game 0

    I enjoyed this game. It plays like a metroid game should play. The only problem I have with it is the way Samus talks. She has this monotone and winey voice that you don't expect from an epic bounty hunter. I think they should have mad her more of a bad ass or just kept her silent. Overall a good game....

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    Metroid: Other M 0

    I've been a Metroid fan since the beginning and this franchise holds some of my greatest gaming memories of all time.  I can still remember how utterly amazed I was with the original Metroid on the NES.  I was the perfect age, 9 or so I think, when it came out and I remember being fascinated with the huge unexplored world, and trying to remember where I saw that super missile door after I finally got the super missiles.   We loved the green room. And I came to love t...

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    Metroid Fusion 3D 0

    Considering how Other M picks up directly after the events of Super Metroid, it’s easy to assume that it was a true 3D interpretation of that seminal classic. However, the minutes-long opening cinematic’s copious VO that characterizes a Samus Aran deeply affected by the baby metroid’s sacrifice, quickly reveals that Yoshio Sakamoto and Nintendo SPD Group No. 1 are willfully neglecting that influential games intuitive storytelling. Other M is the logical conclusion to the misgui...

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    Samus is both detective and futuristic ninja. 0

     *This reads like a post-mortem, rather than a traditional review.    I went into this Metroid with no expectations. I'm always happy to accept that any game series has to evolve and change to keep fresh, so i'm definately not one of those people who are stubborn about 'how things should be'. The Wii is quite a different console to the 'standard', and so the games on it must be made differently. Regarding the controls, I think they were necessary to get that accuracy of movement the series ...

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    Big shoes to fill. 0

    In my last review, I disliked that Limbo didn't have more exposition. In the case of Metroid: Other M, it has too much. And it's not even because of the precedent set by the Prime trilogy. (Well, that's not entirely true.) It's because it just isn't very well done. The dialogue is awkward at best (and downright silly at times). Everyone says that Nintendo games would be so much better with voice acting. But if this game is any sort of example, that's just not true. It's not as simple as that. Fo...

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    Were it any other franchise, it would be terriblle... 0

    After an entire generation of Prime titles, Nintendo decided to return to the roots of the Metroid series, continuing it after the highly lauded Super Metroid. With a surprising partnering with Team Ninja to assist with the cinematics, does this team-up change the series, or hold it back and prevents it from being a masterpiece?Story:Other M’s story starts out with a recap of Samus and her exploits on Planet Zebes and her eventual return to the Galactic Federation. While on exploration in space,...

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    Cinematic Metroid 0

    Story: + Bridges 'Super Metroid' and 'Metroid Fusion'  + Lots of fan service    ~ Melodramatic    - Lots of exposition, long cutscenes Visuals: + Cinematic, fixed camera   + Good variety of environments  + High quality pre-rendered cutscenes   - Art style is a bit bland    Sound: + First orchestrated soundtrack in a Metroid game  + Good sound effects ~ Cinematic soundtrack recalls films such as 'Alien' and 'Aliens' but  isn't as 'catchy' or memorable as other music in the series~ Inconsistent vo...

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    Nintendo takes a chance and it mostly pays off. 0

    When Retro Studios rebooted the Metroid franchise with their Prime Series it was revelutionary. After three Prime releases Nintendo decided to allow a set of fresh eyes in Team Ninja work on the franchise. Nintendo went to Team Ninja because they wanted to add an action packed and cinematic flair to the series. Metroid: Other M is what they came up with, and they succeeded with creating a cinematic experience while also adhering to tried and true mechanics of the Metroid franchise. This is not t...

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    A solid yet flawed Metroid game 0

    I'm a big Metroid fan, I love the feel of loneliness the games give, the backtracking for hidden items, puzzles and exploration. The problem is that Metroid Other M lacks somewhat in exactly does areas. But makes up for it a lot with the return of classic characters and filling out some of the story behind Samus and the Metroids. Controls The game uses a combination of holding the Wii remote sideways and using a first person perspective. Though this takes time to get used to, about an hour in I ...

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    Taking a blender to the last two decades of Metroid 0

    (spoiler free) Over 15 years ago, Super Metroid released on the Super Nintendo to critical acclaim. This sequel to its NES and GB predecessors was beautiful, and its 2D action played perfectly down to the pixel. Its hard to believe that it was only seven years later that Retro Studios created the next console Metroid, the exquisite Metroid Prime. Like its predecessor, Prime was beautiful, but it took the franchise into 3D, putting players behind the visor of gamings greatest heroine. In doing so...

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    solid game 0

    I thoroughly enjoyed this title.  Many of the other reviews on this and other sites appear to capture what I experienced: solid gameplay set back by a so-so plot.  Controls are responsive and intuitive.   The game is fairly straightforward compared to early Metroid games, as there were only a few times when I was running back and forth not knowing where to go.  The world (a larger spacefaring vessel) seems smaller and less epic than previous Metroid games - I admit missing that the sense of epic...

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    Tough one. 0

     Metroid Other M is Team Ninja's take on the Metroid franchise and it's an interesting mix of styles. Interesting, yes, but with some fundamental flaws. The worst of these is the characterisation of Samus Aran. The portrayal of her is Team Ninja's attempt at giving the player insight into her personality and history but what we discover doesn't seem consistent with the «silent badass» Samus we've seen in previous titles. She delivers countless internal monologues, and seems emotion...

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    Near perfect 0

    What a game, Metroid: Other M, is near perfect.  The reason i say near perfect is because there are some flaws holding back what could otherwise have been a perfect game.   I'm gonna avoid any kind of spoilers in this review and just talk about why Nintendo went out on a limb and allowed team ninja to do what they do best while bringing it to one of the best nintendo franchises.  Pros- story, Gameplay, mechanics, graphics, seamless cutscenes.   For years the one thing lacking from metroid games ...

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    Sweeeet, but when did Samus get so sappy? 0

    For those of us who wanted a return to the way Metroid used to be, back in the golden days of Super Metroid, I think we've almost got it. I find it to be a good blend of styles, somewhere between a side scroller and the first-person style adopted for the Metroid Prime series. I was worried about how this would play, after seeing some pre-release videos and comments about the game, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the design's smoothness. As you encounter enemies and fire your arm cannon, Sa...

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    Metroid: Other M Review 3

    By - Richard J.For the first time since 2002's Metroid: Fusion, Nintendo is publishing a brand new Metroid game with 2D side scrolling gameplay. Taking the lead this time is Team Ninja, known for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series'. Fans of Nintendo and Team Ninja have been dreaming of what this combination could produce. After a slight delay, the product of this great combination has finally been released as Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii. Will Metroid fans love this new, but diff...

    0 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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