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Metroid Prime 2 should not be missed

Metroid prime one was a masterpiece game i never like these sci fi person shooter games before but these two games are succesfull for some players this game may seem hard to beat but with a walktrough its so much better and when you get in the action with all the bosse`s in the game this game is great. Altough i wish that this game would have more help in like finding items even know some items are easy to find but when you watch a walktrough that the player has 200 missiles and you have 160 you will probably think of getting those missing missiles but when you get a walktrough to follow you will adore this as much as any other game.

Graphics are similar to first game but this one should be more better because its the 2nd in the series. Great special effects on water sand and everything seems like you are behind the visor. this game will certainly make you say wow in any way.

Sound Perfect music perfect sound effects just the best game ever with... all this.

Overall This game may be hard at some moments but this is certainly a must buy this is as good as zelda. But the first one is even better.


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