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    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 28, 2007

    The finale to the Metroid Prime trilogy sees its debut on the Wii.

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    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the tenth game in the Metroid series, and the final game in the Metroid Prime trilogy. Like the other games in the Metroid Prime series, Corruption was developed by Retro Studios. Corruption sees the series make its first transition from the GameCube onto the Wii.along with the first implementation of motion controls which would later be brought to updated versions of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 for the New Play Control series and Metroid Prime Trilogy release.

    Samus Aran
    Samus Aran

    The main difference between Corruption and the previous Prime games is its control scheme. Corruption makes substantial use of the motion sensing Remote. While the player still has the option to lock-on to any opponent on the screen and strafe around that foe, the control scheme allows Samus to freely fire at any on-screen enemy by simply pointing the remote at the screen, while using Wii Remote gestures for contraptions such as levers and the grapple hook. The standard gameplay elements of the Metroid series are still largely present in Corruption. The player once again takes the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran, who visits multiple planets this time around. As expected, Samus explores different areas while earning new abilities that allow her to overcome previously impassable environmental obstacles.


    Corruption is a traditional first-person shooter, similar to the previous two Metroid Prime games. Corruption is controlled using the Wii Remote's motion sensor. The player can aim and shoot using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination (the Nunchuk's analog stick controls movement while the Wii Remote controls viewpoint). The Wii Remote also controls other actions, such as jumping and firing.

    Corruption takes place across a variety of planets in the world of Metroid Prime. Several of these planets have been overtaken by Phazon, an incredibly dangerous substance that Samus has been exposed to (thus granting her special Phazon based abilities). She can go into a hyper mode, in which her Phazon meter keeps her in that mode. She is much more powerful in this mode, and can destroy Phazon corrupted objects and enemies.

    The game also contains a variety of puzzles relating to Samus' abilities. For example, she uses her Morph Ball ability to go into smaller areas and use the bomb to trigger certain events. Samus' visor has many of her other abilities, in addition to having the heads-up display. Other visors can be unlocked, from an X-ray visor to a heat vision visor.


    Gandrayda has shape-shifting abilities.
    Gandrayda has shape-shifting abilities.

    Corruption stars Samus Aran, the main protagonist of the Metroid franchise. Samus Aran and three other bounty hunters (Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas) are called to the Galactic Federation for a meeting with the leader of the organization, Admiral Dane. He briefs the bounty hunters on a crisis that has been occurring in the galaxy. Admiral Dane says that many of the Aurora Units (biological supercomputers that are linked in a network across the galaxy) have contracted a computer virus, causing them to malfunction. The meeting ends when the fleet is attacked by Space Pirates.

    On Norion, there is a Galactic Federation naval base. This base is being barraged by attacks from Space Pirates. The bounty hunters are all sent to Norion to help defeat the attacking Space Pirates. While fending off the Space Pirates, Samus learns of a large, Phazon-covered asteroid called a Leviathan Seed that is about to crash into the planet. After getting all of the defense systems online and preparing for departure, the group is attacked by Dark Samus, who leaves all of the bounty hunters unconscious (save for Samus, who triggers the defense system just in time).

    Dark Samus
    Dark Samus

    Samus stays unconscious for a month. When she wakes up on a Galactic Federation ship, it is revealed that she has been corrupted with Phazon, the incredibly mutagenic substance that Dark Samus specializes in. To combat this Phazon, Samus is given a Phazon Enhancement Device (PED) that allows her to use the Phazon produced by her body as a power source. The other bounty hunters had awakened much earlier, and were already sent off to investigate other planets. Samus is initially sent to two planets, Bryyo and Elysia, to search for these missing bounty hunters. Here, she finds that to combat the Phazon corrupting the galaxy, she must destroy all of the Leviathan Seeds embedded in various planets.

    The Space Pirates are intent on stopping Samus from attaining this goal, however, sending forth various creatures that have been exposed to this mutagen. Samus also encounters her fellow bounty hunters, who, unable to control their PEDs, were completely corrupted. As the game progresses, Samus gradually becomes further corrupted with Phazon. After investigating the Space Pirate Homeworld, Samus finds that all of the Phazon has been coming from Phaaze, a planet accessible only via a wormhole created by a modified Leviathan. There, she confronts Dark Samus and a corrupted Aurora Unit 313. She defeats them in combat, and as a result Phazon is eradicated from the galaxy. The game ends with Samus flying off into space, with a ship resembling Sylux's (a bounty hunter from Metroid Prime: Hunters) ship following her.


    Power Beam

    Quickest to fire, and also quickest moving but has the lowest damage per shot, good to use on fast moving enemies. The charged version is simply more powerful, and is the quickest to charge of all the beams.


    Slower to fire, it is also much more powerful than the power beam.

    Hyper Mode

    A super powerful mode that injects phazon into Samus's suit. It is incredibly powerful, but can only be used for 10 seconds, or complete corruption will occur.

    Grapple Lasso

    A new weapon in Metroid Prime 3. It allows Samus to latch on and pull off shields of enemies and pieces of metal in front of openings.

    Grapple Swing

    This attachment to the grapple lasso lets Samus grab onto poles hanging from the roof and then swing while attached. It is also used in Elysia to slide on transit poles to get from side to side.

    Morph Ball Bombs

    While in morphball mode, Samus can drop three bombs at a time. They are used for killing enemies, destroying debris, and activating switches. They are crucial to solving puzzles.

    Upgrades/New Weapons

    Plasma Beam

    This beam has the same rate of fire as the power beam, but is more powerful and can melt certain enemies. It is also used as a welder to fix destroyed panels.

    Nova Beam

    The final upgrade to Samus's regular beam, it is green in color and is has a high rate of fire. It can be used with the X-Ray Visor to shoot invisible targets, as well as activate switched through special doors made of Phazon or target weakpoints in certain enemies.

    Ice Missiles

    The upgrade to the missiles lets Samus shoot beams that are ice cold and can freeze and slow down enemies. It can freeze lava temporarily.

    Seeker Missile

    A multi-targeting upgrade that enables Samus to lock on to five objects at one. Usually used to blast open doors with obvious markings.

    Boost Ball

    An upgrade to the morph ball that lets Samus temporarily shoot forward in a burst of speed.

    Spider Ball

    An upgrade to the morph ball that lets Samus stick to specific tracks and ride along them to other places.

    Screw Attack

    It lets Samus wall jump up identifiable Screw Attack points, plus cover huge gaps (up to five mid-air jumps are allowed)

    Grapple Voltage

    Another upgrade to the grapple lasso that lets Samus give or steal power to turn on or turn off power panels. She can also use it to steal health from enemies.

    Hazard Suit

    This suit upgrade lets Samus walk without punishment through areas with acid rain. It also provides protection against other hazards such as Fuel Gel.

    Hyper Mode Upgrades

    Hyper Missile

    This lets Samus shoot missiles in hyper mode. They are very powerful but uses a chunk of her health.

    Hyper Ball

    This Morph ball attack sends strings of phazon at enemies around Samus. It will lock on and cause major damage if kept on an enemy.

    Hyper Grapple

    The grapple lets Samus inject enemies with phazon and overload them to the point of exploding.


    X-Ray Visor

    A visor that lets Samus see invisible targets, use scrambled HUD machines, and see echoes.

    Command Visor

    This visor lets Samus call in her ship for bombing runs, to pick up specific things, and to land in specific areas so she can either take off or save.

    Scan Visor

    This visor lets Samus scan things to gather more information about the world around her, the enemies she is fighting, and the past of the planet through lore articles.

    Combat Visor

    Samus's regular visor that lets her use all of her weapons.


    While Metroid Prime 3 is primarily a single player endeavor, completing certain tasks in the game can earn the player special vouchers. These vouchers can be traded with friends and used to unlock extras and bonus content, such as concept art. These vouchers are also used alongside Red, Blue and Gold Tokens earned along the way in the game by scanning enemies, lore, passing certain events and defeating bosses. Defeating bosses in Hypermode earns an additional Gold Token per boss and events.

    Concept Gallery

    Samus Package

    Includes 12 pieces of concept art, showing off the various gear used in the game.

    Creature Package 1

    Includes12 pieces of concept art, varying from early allies and enemies to early bosses.

    Creature Package 2

    Includes 12 pieces of conceprt art, mainly showing enemies and bosses from the second half of the game.

    World Package 1

    Includes 12 pieces of concept art showing off locations from the first half of the game.

    World Package 2

    Includes 8 pieces of concept art showing off locations from the second half of the game.

    Storyboard Package 1

    Includes 7 storyboard concepts from the game.

    Storyboard Package 2

    Includes 5 storyboard concepts from the game.

    Bonus Gallery

    Ship Bumper Stickers

    By turning this feature "On", stickers appear on Samus' ship based on save files on the Wii's System Memory. Stickers are from Nintendo's 1st Party games on Wii including , Excite Truck, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Galaxy, and Metroid Prime 3 itself. Also included is a Retro Studios sticker.

    Screen-Shot Tool

    By turning this feature "On", at any time during the game, the player can Press Up on the Directional Pad to take a photo which is sent to the Wii Message Board.

    Mii Bobblehead

    By turning this feature "On", a Mii Bobblehead will appear inside Samus' ship corresponding to the Mii picked for the active Save File.

    Diorama 1

    This diorama portrays the opening major boss battle.

    Diorama 2

    This diorama portrays Samus on the planet Bryyo.

    Diorama 3

    This diorama portrays the second major boss battle.

    Diorama 4

    This diorama portrays a minor boss battle that occurs on the planet Elysia.

    Diorama 5

    This diorama portrays another minor boss battle on the planet Elysia.

    Diorama 6

    This diorama portrays part of the final boss battle in the game.

    Soundtrack Gallery

    The soundtrack gallery includes 15 songs from the game as follows:

    • MP3 Title Music
    • In the Cockpit
    • GF Battle Theme
    • Bryyo
    • Bryyo Thorn Jungle
    • The Corruption
    • SkyTown
    • Steamlord
    • Valhalla
    • Metroid Battle Theme
    • Helios
    • Pirate Homeworld
    • Gandrayda
    • Omega Ridley
    • Phaze

    Critical Reception

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was critically acclaimed, scoring an average of 90% on review compilation databases GameRankings and Metacritic. It was praised for its advanced, intuitive controls, impressive technical and artistic visuals, and an outstanding single player campaign. It was criticized, however, for a lower difficulty, overall similarity to the previous two installments in the series, and minor gripes with the context-sensitive motion gesturing.

    Trilogy Re-Release

    On August 24th, 2009, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was re-released on the Wii in North America as part of the Metroid Prime Trilogy along with the first two games updated with motion controls.


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