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Another great multiplayer game for the DS

Graphics: The looks of it is amazing than i thought! The developers should be appraised for the amount of detail in the whole scenario. Enemies are equally treated with high amount of detail. Especially when you get hit by some sort of energy beam, you see a big surge around your face. Cutscenes are are even more impressive than the in-game graphics and you can unlock them for everytime you see a cutscene so you can look at it anytime but they're boring to watch again. I would have give the graphics 10 out of 10 but there are some slow down that ruins the action abit. So the graphics are too slow to reach a ten and instead settle for a 9 out of 10.

Sound: I can't tell which sounds the best? The gamecube prime or the DS prime? The DS's sound quality mimicks the gamecube Prime very well. The background music changes your mood for you like the bit in the game where you open the door and suddenly the music changes and when the music changes, your mood suddenly changes and you know something is going to happen. Badly. 10 out of 10

Story: Like i said before, the story feels disappointing. In fact it IS disappointing. The story starts off you going to an uncharted galaxy trying to find 8 mysterious crystal to unlock a doorway that lead to ultimate power or something. But you're not the only one who's collecting those crystalls. There are several other bounty hunters also in the same quest. So basically it's a quest to ultimate power. Ultimate power? You probably have heard of similar stories like that from almost every fantasy stories so this makes Metroid Prime Hunter's story a load of cliche. And another thing, why is the title called Metroid if there's ALMOST no metroid in the game? Why is the title callled Prime if this story has no relation to the gamecube primes? I get the impression the developers named it prime so it attracts more people to buy this game. This is a good game so i'm not complaining much about the misleading title. 2 out of 10.

Gameplay: It's the usual metroid formula. You found a new ability and you can access through places you weren't able to get through before. While you're playing the game there are usual logic puzzle solving. These puzzles won't kill your brain as much as something like sudoku so you can breeze through it. It's not all 'samey' as the other metroid games. While you're playing through the game you are SUDDENLY in a battle against another bounty hunter and the music changes to suit the situation like i said before. Sometime you're caught in a middle of a fight between multiple bounty hunters. This sometimes not a good thing because it may be too much for your DS to handle and causes the game to slow down a bit which i also said before. During each level or planet, you come across a boss. Bosses are repeat which i guess it shows some laziness from the developers. When you encounter the same boss as the first boss, you probably felt the boss designs are rushed. I scanned the second slench(one of the bosses) and it says slench 2.0. Okay what's the difference to 1.0? Oh you have to fire a different weapon to defeat it.There are 3.0,4.0 but i they should really make it all 1.0 because they are all similar. Or you could say the SAME.Overall the gameplay is fine. 8 out of 10

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is what makes Metroid Prime Hunters stand out. You get a wide variety of levels, and hunters to choose from when you are playing multicard play. For the download play, only the host can choose which hunters to play with while your friend only get to play with boring samus. Each hunters have different morph ball abilities and different HUD.
Just like each levels have different items to collect and different location to get them. Add to that, are also different modes to play with but i don't need to explain all of them because all of them resovle with violence. The DS handles wifi quite well with smooth animations and frame rate but when all four hunters bundle in one corner, a slow down creeps up. I got to admit it, the multiplayer can be repetitive and boring. What's even more boring is playing with bots if you have no friends coming round but it is a better replacement than playing with your 2 year old younger brother. 8 out of 10.
Value: The single player is linear and a bit short if you just want to complete the game. Just like any game, if you want to complete 100% then it takes longer. the multiplayer will probably keep you coming back just to sniper one or two bounty hunter. All this worths 30 quid in your pocket and i think it's just as deserving of your time than most games coming this christmas.
10 out 10

Verdict: one of the best DS game but also one of the weakest Metroid game in my opinion. Especially the single player.

Overall: 8.6

Note: This was copied/pasted from my gamespot review with no editing whatsoever.

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