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Simply Incredible 2

There have been many great first person shooter games throughout time, but one particular generation, involving the Xbox, Gamecube, and Playstation 2, has had some of the greatest this world has ever seen. You may or may not remember a particular game called Halo which came around mid-November in 2001. Dubbed one of the greatest shooters of all time. One year later, Metroid Prime was released by Nintendo and Retro Studios. Without going into technicalities, it’s safe to say Metroid Prime is Nint...

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Classic Reborn 0

Having never played the original Metroid, Metroid 2, or even the SNES version, I might feel a bit alien to the experience I've had with Metroid Prime. Fortunately, I hear there was not much of a story in the previous versions. Perhaps they should have gone with that idea here. The background story is not so much experienced in this game as it is read, through various Chozo translations and data terminals, and it did not long hold my interest. Nevertheless, the game does provide some exciting gam...

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Metroid Prime 0

METROID PRIME (2002) is an utterly fantastic game. The level design is smart and creative, the gameplay controls and plays perfectly (the jumping in particular is just about the best implementation of these mechanics in any first-person game), the game is challenging yet fair, mysterious yet intuitive, fresh, original, inventive and on top of all this it looks and sounds incredible. The game has more story than plot, relying on atmosphere and world-building to give the game a purpose, but the re...

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An immersive and atmospheric adventure. 0

You receive a distress call for help on the Space Pirate Frigate.  There you find the crew dead, all leading to the Parasite Queen, a mutated test subject.  Upon it’s defeat, the Frigate is set to self destruct.  In the struggle to return to your ship, your Power Suit malfunctions, losing all of your advanced weapons and gadgets.  Barely escaping from the exploding space station, Samus Aran witnesses Meta-Ridely escaping to the nearby planet of Tallon IV.  Once you land in the Tallon Overworld,...

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An immersive experience... 0

It goes without saying that Metroid is probably my favourite of Nintendo's classic franchises. The blend of platforming, shooting, exploration and strong science fiction aesthetic already make a compelling package, and the introduction of new mechanics over the course of the game keeps things interesting throughout. They also cater for two completely different playing styles: completionists have plenty to deal with and the games are an obvious favourite for the speedrunning community.Anyway, I h...

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The most immersive game on the gamecube 0

I think the Metroid Prime series is all about immersion. When you start playing this game, you forget where you are, you explore, you uncover new things, and it is quite simply the best gaming experience there is on the Gamecube, or any other console. You go through the world, in first person mode, exploring. This game is all about exploration. You will feel a real sense of accomplishment, when you find new items, new power ups. These will allow you to explore other parts of the world. The grap...

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Perfect atmosphere in an game that could only be called art. 1

Metroid Prime is one of those games you can't just call it "a good game", it's pure art, with an atmosphere reaching perfection and being absolutelly amazing in every single aspect possible, this masterpiece stands as one of the best games ever made, and surely the most amazing game of its generation! Like everything so innovative and great, it may be a little hard for you to really get into this game, you may have a not so good first impression, but that's just before you realize its greatness...

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Definately Pleased 0

So I did not expect the 3-D transition for Metroid to go well. Man was I wrong. This game was amazing. It had a combination of many great qualities. Thta being said, if you're a huge shooter fan who likes fast-paced games you will be dissapointed. This game has a bit too much scanning and collecting data for me. Other than that this is definately a great game you should consider buying....

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One of the greatest games of all time. 0

Metroid Prime is hands-down one of the greatest games of all time. Melding the gameplay of Adventure games and First-Person Shooters in a way that doesn't feel like a bizzare frankinstein of gaming, but instead feels like something wholly original.. The sound and graphics are both phenomanal and not 'for a game that is almost 7 years old,' this game looks and sounds better than 95% of Wii games. The atmosphere, though, is the greatest part of the game, this game seems more breath-taking and cree...

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Metroid Prime lets you look at the world through Samus' eyes. 0

The Phazon-rich planet of Tallon IV, once home to a sect of peaceful Chozo who have long since vanished. A race of space birds with philosophy on the brain. Long ago, the Chozo raised an orphaned human girl to be their savior. That girl is Samus Aran. Metroid Prime see's Samus delve into the world of first-person shooter land. Every other metroid game has taken place in two dimensions and sometimes when a game embarks into the 3D world it isn't always as succesful as we might hope. However this ...

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Metroid Prime - Retro Studios' masterpiece 1

It had been almost 9 years since the last proper console Metroid game.  Everyone, everyone was skeptical about this when Nintendo announced it would be from a first-person shooter perspective.  Even more skeptical was the fact that some unknown texas-based developer, Retro Studios, was behind the project.I think I speak for everyone when I say that all the skepticism can be thrown out the window.  Retro Studios has created a fantastic adventure that was above and beyond what you would expect fro...

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Metroid Prime is truely something special. 0

In 2003, with the release of Metroid Prime imminent, many critics and fans alike where wandering if you could successfully make a 3D Metroid game, without loosing all the important things that made the series so popular. With Nintendo opting to let a 3rd party developer take the reigns, the sceptics where even more sceptic than usual, but Retro Studios delivered to us, possibly, one of the best games ever on a Nintendo console. Metroid Prime, while it's a FPS, manages to keep all the action, exp...

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One of the best ever 0


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Games At It's Prime 0

The Metroid series was very notable for being 2D platformers, but the very aspect that set Metroid aside from other series was a clear Alien-film based influence that kept a creepy aura, freaky creatures, and a female protagonist. Metroid Prime 3 manages to keep all of that, and turn itself into a wonderful 3D action-adventure platformer with shooter elements that makes the creepy, sci-fi, techno-orchestrated, environment heavy saga where any game play can be made amazing with Metroid.As we al...

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Terrible combat and bad story ruin a decent action adventure 0

 Metroid Prime was released back in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube and marks the first try in moving the Metroid series from 2D beginnings into a more modern 3D game. Instead of going with a third person perspective, the first person perspective was choosen. The gameplay however doesn't follow modern first person shooter controls as established by Halo, but uses its own unique control scheme and gameplay style.Movement in Metroid Prime follows classical Doom-like controls, where the left/...

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Very Realistic and Immersive Gameplay 0

Metroid Prime's gameplay is an awesome story your in this world and then you lose all your powers and your trying to get them back by challenging boss battles. Its a perfect game and I like this game its very interesting and fun its not hard you can play it again and again you can beat the game and beat it again its enjoyable and a good success. and its a good first person shooter and its a Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter.Overall: The game gives you a breathtaking emotions by beating bosses and havi...

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Samus could have saved the GameCube. If anyone knew she was there 0

With its stunning production quality, sublimely intuitive controls, and immersive atmosphere; this game is true to the vision of series creator Gunpei Yokoi, and adds considerable layers of depth to its meta-narrative.Metroid games have always done things differently. The entire series seems to straddle the genres of shooter, platformer, and adventure. The first Metroid game to take place in three dimensions continues this trend of bucking trends. One of the trends it bucks is narrative sequence...

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