Anyone else excited for Samus Returns?

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It's actually kinda strange, I haven't been excited about a new game for a few years. It seems AM2R left me with a real hankering for more 2D metroid action.

This could be the first game I buy on launch day since XCOM2.

There's a whole bunch of other exploration focused platformers out there, of course. Ori, Hollow Knight, Odallus... I really liked Odallus, but nothing has really landed that metroid feel, that AM2R had in spades.

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#2 Posted by nicksmi56 (707 posts) -

Already pre-ordered and paid off, man. I needed some Metroid in my life ^_^ and you can mark items on the map now! I've been wanting to do that for YEARS!

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Yeah, looking forward to a new Metroid. I thought Mirror of Fate was decent, and Metroid II always seemed like an intriguing mystery to me. Although I downloaded AM2R, I might make Returns my first shot at this Samus adevnture.

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Sort of cautiously optimistic. The 8-4 crew were really praising it in last weeks show, so I'm hopeful it'll be good.

Definitely going to wait until it releases before I order a copy though. I'd like to see how it is received critically.

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I bought it despite never finishing a Metroid game ever. I had 2 on my Game Boy as a kid and that game can be a bit impenetrable... most of the time. The closest I've ever gotten is Metroid Prime. I bought Super Metroid on 3DS a while ago and got like halfway through it. I feel like that is the one game I really should beat. But I'll definitely give this one a try too.

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Same here, Mercury steams 3ds castlevania is pretty much the only castlevania I've disliked in the past 20+ years (Only played the n64 ones once to be fair so those might be a fair amount worse). I didn't think it possible to make such a bland yucky controling 2d castlevania game but they did it. All that said who knows, Nintendo's guidance on this one might have done wonders. And 8-4's impressions did sound very promising.

@yoshisaur said:

Sort of cautiously optimistic. The 8-4 crew were really praising it in last weeks show, so I'm hopeful it'll be good.

Definitely going to wait until it releases before I order a copy though. I'd like to see how it is received critically.

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Metroid games are weird for me. I tell myself that I really love them, but I've only ever finished Zero Mission, Fusion and Prime 1. Yeah, not even Super Metroid. Besides, I actually really dislike the Metroidvania sub-genre, so i don't know what it is about Metroid specifically that draws me to it. Honestly, it probably has a lot to do with the badass lady in the leading role. The fact that her sex was a shock ending to people back then is so cool to me.

Still, this game has a good map AND map options, two things that usually tick me off with Metroidvanias. "Oh, cool. There is SOMETHING of interest on the other end of the map that I MIGHT be able to open with this new weapon I got. If only I could remember what it was that I encountered 2.5 hours ago, or you know, have some sort of designations on the map for certain obstacles to be destroyed with certain weapons. Well, lets go find out." Yeah, plenty games have those features, but many - some rather recent - don't. Just no thanks.

I don't have a PC to play AM2R on, so this is my only hope for a Metroid game I might actually really like in the near future. I very much hope it's good.

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... Not really? I like 2D Metroid fine, but I'm looking forward to the next Metroid Prime more, and I hope it's good because it's not Retro. I wish they put the Metroid Prime trilogy out on the Switch in HD. I wonder if an updated, more first person shooter control scheme could work (of course, with the original gamepad controls in there as well). Ugh, reminds me that I never finished Prime 2. To be honest, I'm just not that interested in the 2D Metroid because I am not a fan of playing on handheld systems. Now, if it got some kind of visually enhanced edition on the Switch, then yeah I'd play that.

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I am pretty excited. Zero Mission and Fusion are some of my favorite platformers and the only entries in the Metorid series I love unconditionally. When Samus Returns was first announced I wasn't sure how to feel about it but all of the recent praise I've been hearing for the title has gotten be hyped to play it later this month.

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Grew up on metroid and for years I've been hoping for a new prime, I didn't hate Other M as much as others do but I can see why people didn't like it. But I will never complain over more good stuff coming my way especially in the form of a metroid game.

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I'm very excited. I actually have both this and the new Dishonored coming next Friday so I'm hoping I don't have to be social next weekend.

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This is the first new 2D Metroid since Zero Mission (at least officially, I am aware of AM2R). And Super Metroid is what I usually cite as my favorite game ever. What I've seen of this game looks pretty good - I would have preferred hand-drawn graphics and sprites, but yes, I think this looks great.

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#13 Posted by ATastySlurpee (537 posts) -

Never beaten a Metroid (or Zelda game) but I love Metroid-vania style games. I'm interested for sure. Should probably find my 2DS...

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#14 Posted by BeachThunder (15026 posts) -

It's too hard for me to be excited about it. AM2R was pretty great, it was free, and I prefer the pixel art to the the new game's polygons.

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#15 Posted by Heltom92 (841 posts) -

I sold my 3DS a few months ago so sadly not otherwise I would definitely get it. Fingers crossed it comes to Switch.

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I'm excited for it especially since I've wanted a remake of Metroid II ever since playing Zero Mission numerous times back when it first released and wanting a follow up to that.

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I'm in the middle of 3 great games right now, so not as much as I should be. I really want to play it, but by the time I get around to popping it in, it will be October and there is no way I'm playing this over Mario Odyssey, and Wolfenstein II. Trying to get better about letting my backlog pile up.

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First proper new Metroid game released since 2010? Yeah I'm excited! Hoping it turns out to be good, but what they've shown so far looks at enjoyable at least. I even liked Other M pretty well back in the day, so I have a decent tolerance for middling-to-bad Metroid XD

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Id like to play it, but I didn't buy a switch to play a new metroid on my 3ds. frustrating decisions by nintendo.

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I was when I first heard the announcement because I really really really love Metroid. Then, I wasn't because everyone seemed really opposed to the developer. Now, I'm really really really reeeeeeally excited again because impressions from those who I follow who have played it seem almost universally positive.

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#21 Posted by soulcake (2097 posts) -

I never played a metroid before so i guess this is a good starting point ?

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#22 Posted by Drachmalius (362 posts) -

I've played most of the Metroid games at this point and preordered this a while ago. A little bummed that it's on the 3DS, it would be really cool to use the pro controller on the Switch. But still, 2D Metroid is good shit and I will always play a new one.

For anyone new, this is probably as good a place to start as any. The story isn't all that important and you'll get to see all the different forms of Metroids that are unique to this game. They're putting in a lot of stuff to help out people who are new to the series also from the looks of it. I really hope it's good and sells well so Nintendo keeps making these.

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#23 Posted by nicksmi56 (707 posts) -

@gtb08: But...there's a new Metroid coming to Switch too...

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fair enough, but ive had so much fun with things like Wonder Boy and Shovel Knight that it seems silly to not include this game in the switch lineup as well.

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#25 Posted by Tom_omb (1033 posts) -

I'm considering picking it up since I have a new daily commute that would be a good excuse to play some 3DS. I think I'll wait for the quick look.

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#26 Posted by ATastySlurpee (537 posts) -

Apparently this is actually pretty good according to early reviews... need to find my 2DS now..

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#27 Posted by ichthy (1327 posts) -

Nice that it seems to be fairly well received. I was pretty worried initially when I heard MercurySteam were the ones developing it.

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Never played a Metroid game before except for the first few parts of the original Metroid. I have this pre-ordered. I just finished Hollow Knight a bit ago, and a friend recommended that I get this game if I liked the style of Hollow Knight, so I'm excited to see what this is like.

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#29 Posted by nicksmi56 (707 posts) -

@brandondryrock: You should also try Metroid Prime if you find you like this and you have a Gamecube, Wii or Wii U. Fantastic game, and the one that got me into Metroid :D

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@brandondryrock: You should also try Metroid Prime if you find you like this and you have a Gamecube, Wii or Wii U. Fantastic game, and the one that got me into Metroid :D

Second this, but also Super Metroid is excellent and holds up very well. I played it for the first time last year and was blown away, it feels very modern and the level design is way better than most modern Metroidvanias.

I'm so psyched for this game though, Friday can't come soon enough. I've been playing lots of Destiny but my soul craves Metroid lol.

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#31 Posted by nickhead (1225 posts) -

I am hyped. I beat Metroid II for the first time a couple years ago (besides the original (Zero Mission made up for that in my head >_>), it was the only one I'd never finished).

Can't wait for this Friday.

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#32 Posted by brandondryrock (887 posts) -

@drachmalius: @nicksmi56 I did play like an hour of Metroid Prime back in the day on GameCube, but it was my friend's GameCube, so I never got around to really playing it. I do remember enjoying what I played.

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#33 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7775 posts) -

Yeah, I just preordered it earlier today. Super excited for this one. It's also a chance for everyone who has yelled at Nintendo for years about bringing Metroid back to finally do something about it. Even if you don't care about this specific game, but love Metroid in general I recommend picking it up and voting with your dollars.

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#34 Posted by baka_shinji17 (1340 posts) -

Just pre-ordered it. Considering I haven't played a "real" metroid game since Fusion, I'm hyped.

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#35 Posted by RosesAreDan (86 posts) -

Played Fusion a few years back, then played Zero Mission this year. Was planning on playing AM2R but now I'll probably wait for this. Anyone think it might eventually come out on Switch? Not sure I really wanna spend 40 bucks on a 3DS game at this point.

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#36 Posted by CutOffMidFunk (5 posts) -

@rosesaredan: No clue if it's coming to Switch (doubt they would say anything if it was), but if you are on the fence and have Amazon Prime you can get it for 20% off if you preorder. Knocks it down to $32.


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