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    Metropolis Software was Polish developer founded in 1992 by Adrian Chmielarz and Grzegorz Miechowski.

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    Metropolis Software was founded in 1992 by Adrian Chmielarz and Grzegorz Miechowski. First game made by the new studio was a point and click adventure entitled 'Tajemnica Statuetki' (roughly translates to 'Secret of the Statuette'). It used pictures made by Chmielarz in his trip to Saint-Tropez. To make the photographs useful, he had to edit them to remove his friend, whit whom he went to France. 5 thousand copies of the game was sold, which was a big success in post-communism reality in Poland.

    Next game developed by Metropolis was followed by unprecedented marketing campaign. Teenagent, released in 1995, is believed to be one of the best polish adventure games. It's also one of the first games coming from this country to be released on CD. Teenagent was translated to four languages, including English. It was never sold outside the country, but distributed as shareware.

    Metropolis made big plans for upcoming years but next game was released two years later. Katharsis was a scrolling shooter, in which player controlled a ship called Eagle to fight an alien invasion.

    Ksiaze i Thorz (Prince and the Thief) was another point and click adventure game. Jacek Piekara, well known polish author contributed to the story. Other game released in 1998 was Reflux - real-time strategy set in futuristic setting.

    Moods begin to shift in Metropolis, when Chmielarz left company in 2002 after disagreement with co-founders. Company developed few more games in following years, including mediocre sequels to Gorky 17. Last successful games made by Metropolis was Infernal, telling a story about forces from hell and heaven battling each other. Player controlled Ryan Lennox, who joins with the bad guys to regain his abilities.

    Huge plans were made once again to develop They, futuristic first person shooter with modifiable weapons. In 2009 Metropolis was acquired by CD Projekt. They was subsequently cancelled and all forced focused on Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Some employees left the company to fund 11 but studios. Metropolis was shut down the same year.


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