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    Metropolismania 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 28, 2007

    Metropolismania 2 is the sequel to the original Metropolismania, and continues in the city-building / tycoon genre by asking players to create metropolitan cities one building at a time.

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    Gameplay Overview

    Metropolismania 2 asks players to build metropolitan cities on stationary maps by adding each building individually. In this way, players must plan for many eventualities before building their first structure, as the city's basic needs must be met in order for citizens to A) want to move into the city, and B) stay once they arrive.

    Police stations, grocery stores, schools, hospitals and more can be built to attract the first few citizens of each town; afterwards, specific requests are brought to the player's attention concerning individual citizens' need and desires, which often come in the form of wanting more neighbors (read: more suburban housing), more "cultural" or "leisure" activities ranging from bookstores and florist shops to museums and movie theaters, and wanting more "exotic" places to eat and gather, such as sushi bars or computer shops.

    Once a solid base for each city has been established, factories, gas stations, and farming establishments must be constructed to support the economy, creating more depth within the title, as players must foresee any complications that may arise as citizens refuse to live near environment polluting factories or farmers that run out of farmland in the growing metropolis.

    Gameplay continues in such a way until players reach the city's overall goal, that being to reach a certain population in each city, or to have a certain portion of the city filled with a particular building type (50% farms or 25% factories, and so on).

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