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    Mia Fey

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    Phoenix Wright's mentor and instructor in the ways of the legal system.

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    Mia Fey ( 綾 里千尋 /Chihiro Ayasato in Japan) is the mentor of Phoenix Wright. She was born into the Fey family (famous for its great channelers). Her mother was shamed in the case of the DL-6 incident. This inspired her to leave and become a defense attorney in order to learn the truth behind her mother’s fall from grace. She worked for Marvin Grossberg, a defense attorney. Her first case was a failure, and her boyfriend Deigo Armando was put into a coma by the suspect in that case, Dahlia Hawthorne, soon afterwards. She didn’t step into the courtroom again until a young Phoenix Wright was put on trial for murder. She believed he was innocent and vowed to fight for him. She won the case, and pinned the guilt on Dahlia in the process. Following her successful debut as a lawyer, she began investigating the involvement by Redd White in the DL-6 Incident, and left the Grossberg Law Firm to found her own law firm.

    Years later, Phoenix Wright became her pupil. She instructed him in the ways of law and taught him to always trust his client. Unfortunately, she was murdered by Redd White after just one case with him. However, she continued to help him by channeling her spirit through Pearl Fey or Maya Fey

    Mia Fey is voiced by Christina Katano in the English Version of the Phoenix Wright series.

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