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    Miang is a primary antagonist in Xenogears, and her influence spans world events over millennia.

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    Miang is normally seen to be the military aide (and lover) of Kahran Ramsus, constantly at his side as a Gebler officer of Solaris.

    Background / True Nature (spoiler warning)

    Miang was one of the first lifeforms created by the sentient Deus weapon after the crash of the Eldridge on the Xenogears planet. As one of several omnipresent characters Miang acts as a proxy for Deus, shaping the events of history toward the goal of reviving Deus. 
    Miang is best classified as an entity rather than a specific person; an undying entity able to transcend human female hosts and manifest its will into them. When manifest, the hosts take on the common attribute of purple hair. As all omnipresent characters in Xenogears retain their memories until death, Miang's awareness of the state of the world is profound, perhaps only rivaled by Emperor Cain himself. This is notably different from the eternally recurring characters of Elly and Fei, as they must first "awaken" in their reincarnated bodies to affect their destiny.

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