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    Micaiah is one of the major protagonists of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is known across the continent as the "Silver-haired Maiden" that led Daein to freedom from imperial oppression.

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    "We are the Daein Liberation Army! We demand you free these hostages…or face the consequences!" -- Micaiah, against Djur

    Micaiah is quite the caring girl, as seen when she uses sacrifice on an injured boy, or even when she holds Sothe's hand when he was a young boy. Although, she is a little bitter because of how Daein is treated by the Begnion Occupational Army and maybe because of how she herself is treated as a Branded. She is also very nationalistic, to the point where she'd rather fight for Daein instead of doing what she knows is right. Her loyalty to her country and her country's ruler knows no bounds.

    Military Affiliation

    As the reader can see from the previous section, Micaiah is incredibly nationalistic, so it is a no brainer that she sides with Daein and Pelleas, and will never change sides.


    According to the designer notes:

    Micaiah made her living as a traveling fortune teller in Daein. Until the Mad King's war ended, Micaiah stayed out of the public eye and talked to no one save her "little brother", Sothe.

    As for her history:

    Micaiah and little Sothe
    Micaiah and little Sothe

    She met a young thief named Sothe, and they promised to look after each other. Unfortunately, Micaiah was one of the Branded, and she feared that Sothe would be discriminated against if he were seen traveling with "one of them," so she made the decision to leave him before the Mad King's war. After the war had ended, Sothe eventually found her wandering around and told her off about how she had worried him for so long. They then promised each other that they would never leave one another again.

    In the beginning events of Radiant Dawn, Micaiah had formed the Dawn Brigade with Sothe, Nolan, Edward, and Leonardo. They usually fought off bandits in Nevassa or slowed the operations of the Begnion Occupational soldiers that had terrorized the citizens. They fled from town to town, managing to stay alive and continue their fight for a free Daein. Micaiah's publicity as the "Silver-haired Maiden" grows as well. Amidst all of this, Micaiah blames Ike for what had happened to her beloved country, but this is mostly because she had never gotten to know Ike or fight beside him the way Sothe had in the Mad King's war.

    Later in the game, the Dawn Brigade learns of a rumor that Prince Pelleas, son of the Mad King Ashnard, was raising a liberation army in the "Desert of Death". When they venture into the desert, and after they are joined by the wolf laguz, Volug, they see a small fort defended by Zihark, Jill, and Tauroneo. A battle then ensues, and after the soldiers retreat, they enter the fort and find Pelleas. He is accompanied by his assistant, Izuka, who instantly recognizes Micaiah as the "Silver-haired Maiden" that Daein supports. He then appoints her as the vice-commander of the Daien Liberation Army. After some reluctance, Micaiah and Sothe agree to it.

    Later, Micaiah was appointed as the supreme commander of Daein's armies after her group frees Daein from Begnion's rule; this time by Pelleas, who is now King. But the game does not end here... Begnion had murdered a Laguz messenger and burned down the Serenes Forest. Because of those actions, the Laguz Alliance declared war on Begnion, so King Pelleas ordered Micaiah to lead Daein's armies into battle - against the laguz and on the side of Begnion! It would later be revealed that Pelleas had unknowingly signed a blood pact with the Begnion Senate on the day of his coronation. It was disguised as a treaty with Begnion, and it was their senate that ordered Daein to eliminate the Laguz Alliance.

    This leads to the Daein Liberation army eventually facing off against Crimea, and the Greil Mercenaries. Because of all the slaughter that comes with war, there was a lot of chaos present. It was this chaos that made the medallion glow fierce enough to make the herons go unconscious. In order to stop the flames, Mist tries to lull the god to sleep by singing. When that fails, Sanaki tries to wake the god with her singing. When that also fails, Micaiah reveals that the melody alone does not work, so she sings to the god with both the melody and the lyrics. The god woke up, petrifying everyone on Tellius.

    Sanaki and Micaiah as sisters
    Sanaki and Micaiah as sisters

    Yune, who had taken the form of a small bird up til this point, also awakens and protects the "Chosen Ones" from the petrification. She then takes Micaiah as a vessel (much to the shock of both Ike and Sothe), and through her avatar reveals that Ashera is the Goddess of Order, and that she is Yune, the Goddess of Chaos, counterpart to Ashera. She explains that Ashera took this action because the countries of Tellius' leaders broke their promise of not waging any continent-wide wars for a thousand years. And so, Yune tells them that they must defeat Ashera in the Tower of Guidance in order to return everyone to normal. Somewhere during this time, Micaiah would reveal that she was the older sister of Sanaki, and the true apostle of Begnion. At the end of the game, Micaiah would become the 15th Queen of Daein.


    The script for supports is watered down, so Micaiah can have a support with anyone she spends a lot of time with.

    In her C support, she will tell the unit that she should not push themselves too hard. In her B support, she will tell the unit that she wants to fight by their side and asks if it will be okay. In her A support, she make the unit promise her that they will not die.

    Micaiah has a default A support with Sothe, so the player will have to erase their support if they wish to have Micaiah make a support with someone else. If Micaiah has an A support with Sothe at the end of the game, then they will marry, so the player literally has to go out of their way to delete the support if they do not wish for that to happen.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Micaiah were to have a support with certain characters, then she would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. The list of characters that Micaiah could have a potential A support conversation with is absolutely staggering and exceeds even the ten optional full-length supports that Roy and Lilina have in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi.

    The characters planned for the special support conversations (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Edward, Leonardo, and Nolan (all original members of the Dawn Brigade)
    • Aran and Laura (joined the Dawn Brigade)
    • Ilyana and Kurthnaga (were both in the same prison; Kurth also helps her in the Part Three Endgame)
    • Fiona (she looks up to Micaiah)
    • Ike (both used to be on opposing sides)
    • Meg (it was Micaiah's idea to recruit her)
    • Naesala (King of Kilvas and Silver-haired clue)
    • Nailah and Volug (Nailah did send Volug to protect her; Volug gives her a blue gem in a base conversation)
    • Rafiel (he gave her a hug once...and they're somewhat related),
    • Soren and Stefan (all are branded. Soren was cold to her, so maybe this was an attempt at apology? Stefan was actually kind to her, though, so no problems there)
    • Skrimir (he's battle-hungry, she hates fighting)
    • Sothe (default A support in-game. Pretty obvious)
    • Tauroneo (unlike Zihark and Jill, Tauroneo will never join the other side in the middle of battle)
    • Tormod (He hates it when girls cry)

    Miscellaneous Relationships

    Black Knight: Since the Black Knight has a limited time and has no support, he and Micaiah have a strange relationship in the game in which they have several conversations. It is unknown why the Black Knight has a strong interest in her or why he shows compassion and obedience to her. In Part 1's Endgame, the Black Knight comments that Micaiah looks like "her," but he does not tell Micaiah who he is referring to.

    Note: Both Zelgius and Micaiah are both Branded and share the same affinity: Dark.


    Micaiah (light priestess)
    Micaiah (light priestess)

    Micaiah starts off as a level one light mage. Since she is a special "lord" character, she will have unique class names. She also has special outfit changes that are visible throughout the story on top of that. Also, she will have forced storyline promotions. After the Part One Endgame is cleared, Micaiah will promote to the second tier light sage class, and be able to use staves. Before deploying units in the Part Four Endgame "Rebirth" (1) and after Part Four Chapter Five is cleared, Micaiah will promote to the third and final tier light priestess class, and gain the master skill, Corona. Corona allows Micaiah to negate her enemies' resistance and halves their accuracy for one turn.

    Another note on her different costumes, the position of Micaiah's hands will also change with each altered character portrait. The changes in her portraits are much more prominent than with Ike and Sothe's portrait changes.

    On a different note, when Micaiah promotes to light priestess, she is possessed by Yune, so her eyes remain red during the class change.

    Micaiah comes with the preassigned skill, "Sacrifice". It is unique to her and only her. This ability allows her to heal others by sacrificing her hit points (HP) down to 1. The disadvantage is that it leaves Micaiah on the verge of death. The useful application is when the player takes advantage and trains their healing units by healing Micaiah. This leads to a technique that spams healing in order to train both Micaiah and the healers.

    Unit Data

    Base Stats

    • Affinity: Dark (how ironic)
    • HP: 15
    • Strength: 2
    • Magic: 7
    • Skill: 8
    • Speed: 7
    • Luck: 10
    • Defense: 2
    • Resistance: 4
    • Constitution/Build: 5
    • Weight: 5
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Light Magic - D

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 40%
    • Strength: 15%
    • Magic: 80%
    • Skill: 40%
    • Speed: 35%
    • Luck: 80%
    • Defense: 20%
    • Resistance: 90%

    Micaiah's Ending(s)

    Her endings at the end of the game are as follows:

    Priestess of Dawn - Micaiah

    Crowned 15th queen of Daein at her subject's entreaty. Micaiah ushered in a new era of prosperity and peace.

    Her Husband, Sothe

    If Micaiah has an A support with Sothe, her epilogue adds that they both marry.

    Micaiah (if Pelleas survives)

    Crowned 15th queen of Daein at prior King Pelleas' entreaty, Micaiah ushered in a new era of prosperity.

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    No Caption Provided

    Micaiah makes an appearance on the first DLC chapter of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Another Story: Talisman 3. Rather than appearing as a playable character, Micaiah is an enemy partnered with all the other main heroines from the Fire Emblem series, Elincia and Alm. After her map is cleared, the player is awarded with a unique playable Marth. For 300 Yen ($3.75), she becomes available as a party member. Micaiah's artwork is done by Rco Wada.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Micaiah makes an appearance as a sticker whose effects boost Marth and Ike's weapon attacks by 21 points.


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