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    Michael Bell

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    Talented actor who has voiced classic characters in dozens of animated television shows and video games

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    A prolific voice actor, Michael Bell is perhaps best known in videogames for his performance as The Fear in Metal Gear Solid 3 or for Raziel in the Legacy of Kain games. Recently he has appeared in various games, including Condemned 2, where he was the voice of Magic Man.  Also, he was the voice of the Druid (actually Nihlathak) in Diablo II.     
    Outside of games, he was the voice of Pickles and Charlie Finster in the Rugrats and voices multiple characters in Transformers.   He is also the voice of Opus the penguin in the only animated Berkely Breathed production, A Wish For Wings That Work (based on the story book of the same name).  He has appeared as several characters throughout the Star Trek series, both in TV and video games, including Zorn in the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("Encounter at Farpoint"). 


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