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Michael Daubert has been in the Gaming Industry for close to 20 years. Daubert started his career at Iguana Entertainment/Acclaim Entertainment as a CG Animator, working on the Turok the Dinosaur franchise, Vexx, Iggy Wrecking Balls, and VEXX. After 10 years at Acclaim, Michael created The Animation Farm, one of the first Animation Outsource studios dedicated to the game industry, contributing to over 40 different video games, including Unreal Tournament 2004, Gears of War, Pirates of the Caribbean, Epic Mickey, and DarkSiders. In 2007 Daubert took the job as Studio Art Director for SOE Austin, overseeing the Austin, Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix studios. Daubert was in charge of building the art department for DC Universe MMO and Star Wars Galaxies. Daubert also oversaw all art direction and quality control for all projects within the four studio. Daubert is currently the Creative Director for Motus Digital, a motion capture studio in Dallas TX. Daubert is a member of the creative team at Motus Digital, providing motion capture for Star Wars Old Republic, Aliens Colonial Marines, Star Hawk, Doom, and Star Wars Kinetic.

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