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    Michael Edwards

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    Michael Edwards is a playable character in Eternal Darkness. A Canadian firefighter sent to douse Kuwait's oil fields after the Gulf War, he finds himself caved into the same ancient temple Pious Augustus stumbled upon nearly two millennia before.

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    Out of the Fire

    Michael Edwards is a Canadian Firefighter who in 1991 is sent into Persia to extinguish the oil blazes that the leaders of the middle east have started as an attack to the American oil reserves on Persian soil. One particular oil blaze, Michael feels is no ordinary fire, however without being able to substantiate as to why he continues with the plan, setting a bomb amongst water spray and silicon cloth. As Michael and his crew evacuate the area in a helicopter the bomb is somehow triggered early, causing the helicopter to crash through the ground. When Michael awakens he finds himself within the same temple that Pious Augustus had been in thousands of years ago. In front of him is the Pillar of flesh, a large tower that Pious built for his ancient god. Looking on in horror a ghostly visage of Roberto Bianchi reveals himself from the pillar. Roberto was an architect whom in 1460 A.D was forced to survey the temple for Pious to build the Pillar of Flesh. During this survey Roberto was entrusted by the ghosts of Karim and Chandra to look after one of the essences of the ancients. Roberto's ghost passes this essence onto Michael and instructs him to take it to the ruins of Ehn'Gha. A vision of the Roivas Estate flashes into Michaels mind.

    The Gathering of Light

    Michael manages to escape the ruined temple and the horrors that lay in it by planting C4 Charges throughtout it, effectively blasting his way out. For the next nine years Michael lived in fear trying to locate the ruins of Ehn'Gha while constantly beliveing that the ancients minions were constantly watching him. After nine long years he finally gives the essence of the ancient, tomb of eternal darkness and the Gladius (the original blade of Pious Augustus before he was turned) to Edward, the current resident of the Roivas estate. Michael belives it is one of the last things he would get to as he suspected the ancients were working to kill him soon.

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