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Michael Huang is a composer/sound designer based in Los Angeles California. He has been providing audio production services for multimedia professionals for over 10 years.

In all started in 1999, while he was in college, he was hired by Steve Pavlina of Dexterity Software to provide music for the game "Dweep", when the game was released, it was met with critical acclaim and numerous awards including Shareware Industry's Best Action/Arcades award and ZDNet Shareware Award.

In mid 2000, he started working on the project "Fantasy Reborn", which aims to arrange music from the video game series "Final Fantasy" to solo piano piece, the arrangement would then be recorded to mp3 files and become available to FF fans free of charge. The project debuted on January 1, 2001, and was a huge success with fans of FF music and anime fans prompting numerous request for sheet music, which was later added as part of the project.

When the project moved to for mp3 hosting, Fantasy Reborn mp3s alone were downloaded a staggering 70,000 times a month, pulling over 135 GB of data of bandwidth, about 20% of Ampcast's monthly bandwidth traffic all together.

During the next 5 years, he continued to provide audio content services to various clients including Qualcomm, WapOnline USA, Gamernauts Inc and D3 Publisher. During this time, the fantasy reborn project also became so popular that he was asked by Penny Arcade to arrange a special piano solo medley of FF music to be performed at the 2004 Penny Arcade Expo concert.

In 2006 he was nominated by the Indepedent Game Festival (IGF) for the "Innovation in Audio" award for his work as a composer/sound designer on the game "Professor Fizzwizzle". In that same year, he worked on 23 projects as an audio content provider including recording original sound effects for the sound library "Ultrashock Audio Essentials, v2, SFX FOLEY PACK".

In 2007 he was again nominated by the IGF for the "Excellence in Audio" award for his work as a composer/sound designer on the game "Fizzball". In the following months he also worked on the short CGI film "We were Centurions" as a sound designer and music composer and the film was featured in the "Sci-Fi channel BattleStar Galactica Video Maker contest".

His latest project is writing additional music for EA games' upcoming expansion pack for Ultimate Online: Stygian Abyss.

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