Michael Jordan in Flight

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    Can't find Michael Jordan in any basketball games? This is your answer... Michael Jordan in Flight features His Airness in this 3-on-3 basketball simulation.

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    Michael Jordan In Flight was a 3-on-3 halfcourt basketball simulation released in 1993 on the PC/MS-DOS platform.

    The game was unique in that it did not feature any NBA teams or players but rather made-up players and teams from generic locations/colleges such as Venice Beach and Tulsa. The player was forced to use the North Carolina (Jordan's alma-mater) team wearing red (the colour of his Chicago Bulls team uniform), and would always have Jordan on the team. Your other 3 team-mates (1 on the bench) would then be selected from the pool of made-up players. Most of these players were your typical basketball stereotypes - slow big men that could rebound well, nimble little guys that had a knack for stealing the ball and high flyers that could dunk but couldn't hit a jumpshot to save their life.

    During the game, players would fatigue and would have to be subbed off. With Jordan always on your team, the developers got around the fact that he could not be subbed off by making his susceptibility to fatigue amazingly high - playing a full game, with him taking all the shots would not bring his fatigue levels below 90%.
    Games were played in halves, with a stats update at halftime. A replay mode with save functionality was also included.

    Tying all this together was a tournament mode, where you would choose Jordan and 3 other players and play AI teams in a knock-out tournament. The team-mates you chose at the start were then locked in for the rest of the tournament.


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