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    Michael Thorton

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    Michael Thorton is the protagonist of Obsidian Entertainment's game Alpha Protocol, tasked with stopping a conspiracy before a war breaks out.

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    Voiced by Josh Gilman, Michael Thorton is the main character in Obsidian Entertainment's third-person action-RPG Alpha Protocol. He can take on the personality of the three Bs: Bond, Bauer, and Bourne. But since the player has control of his actions and background, he can be anywhere from a suave rogue agent to a rookie who plays by the books. The possible backgrounds for him are:

    • Soldier: Member of the armed forces, recommended due to his intelligence and combat skills.
    • Field Agent: Former CIA operative, talented in spywork.
    • Tech Specialist: Formerly of the Department of Justice's National Security Division, proven to be an intelligent gadget-user.
    • Freelancer: Has worked all over the world as a private contractor, doing missions the US cannot publicly acknowledge.
    • Recruit: A rookie CIA operative who has proven to be a very quick learner.
    • Veteran: A special option that unlocks only after finishing the game as a Recruit, this version of Michael Thorton is an experienced and extremely skilled agent.

    No matter which option you choose, though, Michael will be recruited by Alpha Protocol and will be described as a talented manipulator, able to convince others through speech. The non-controllable dialogue responses he makes seems to suggest that Michael's 'default' personality is that of a deadpan snarker.


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