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Shadow Dragon

Prior to Shadow Dragon, Michalis is a young prince who wants to see Macedon replace Archanea as the most powerful nation on the continent.His father King Osmond believes in the sanctity of Archanea, and when Medeus invades his kingdom he holds out hope for assistance from Archanea. Michalis realizes that this help will never arrive, so he murders his father and quickly forms an alliance with Medeus. To guarantee his commitment to Dolhr, he sends his sister Maria to Castle Deil as a hostage, and forces his sister Minerva to fight on the Aurelian front against Hardin.

He soon discovers the young cleric Lena, and orders her to marry him. Lena could not fathom marrying such a tyrant, and leaves Macedon, infuriating Michalis. Seeking revenge on Lena, Michalis forces her brother Matthis into the army, and on the front lines against the Altean army.

Despite his promise to Medeus, Michalis secretly plots with General Camus, the leader of the Grustian Sable Order to overthrow Medeus. His chance to rebel against Medeus never comes, as Prince Marth of Altea defeats Camus in battle and leads an invasion of Macedon. Michalis takes to field of battle, but is defeated by Minerva and presumed dead.

New Mystery of the Emblem

It is later revealed that Michalis survived the battle against Minerva. His sister Maria cannot bear to see her brother die, so she nurses him back to health. This act of compassion changed Michalis, and he abandoned his quest to seize power. When General Ryuke leads a coup against Minerva, he rescues her, and takes her to Khadein to recover from her injuries. He tells Minerva to join with Marth again, and leaves to find Maria, who had been kidnapped by Gharnef. He eventually tracks down Gharnef, but is badly wounded, only able to steal the Starlight spell. Michalis once again runs into Minerva in the Dragon's Dale, she scolds him for his weakness and demands that he joins Marth's army. He gives Marth the Starlight spell, and reluctantly joins with Marth to fight against Gharnef and Medeus.


  • In the original Fire Emblem, Michalis is only a palette swap of the playable character Navarre
  • In the original Mystery of the Emblem, Michalis does not join with Marth, but dies of wounds inflicted by Gharnef
  • In Shadow Dragon, Michalis shares a unique battle theme with Camus

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