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Mickey's Dangerous Chase is a side-scrolling platform game released for the Game Boy in 1991/1992. The game does not follow several of the key gameplay elements to franchises such as Super Mario Bros., as enemies cannot be defeated by jumping on them, rather the player must hit the enemy with a thrown item. In this vein, it is similar to Capcom's earlier Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers game.


Mickey Mouse surprises Minnie Mouse with a present. However, Pete, who usually attempts to foil Mickey's plans, successfully steals the present, causing Mickey to chase after Pete. Goofy and Minnie tag along, as Goofy usually tells the player where Pete is headed next, while Minnie offers to help out.


As either Mickey or Minnie Mouse, players navigate the character of their choice through a variety of environments, meeting Goofy at the ending of each stage. Picking up square blocks scattered throughout the level, and correctly timing and aiming a throw will cause enemies to fly off the screen accompanied by a zooming sound effect.

The game also does not rely on heavy use of the Disney brand, as each level is either a generic Town, Woods, or Mountain. Enemies are also generic for the most part, aside from familiar-styled pit bulls and weasels. Mickey faces against adversaries that are themed with the current level, as spiders appear in a haunted mansion, and flying squirrels attack Mickey/Minnie while in the Woods.

In addition to the platforming levels, Mickey/Minnie also uses a few vehicles to catch up to Pete, such as a motorboat and an automobile. During these stages, the screen auto-scrolls, forcing Mickey/Minnie to avoid certain obstacles in a limited amount of time, while also successfully navigating the level. Certain birds can also give Mickey/Minnie a ride, allowing the player to hop from bird to bird in a vertical progression down a mountainside.

Players begin each levels with three hearts in the health meter, allowing for multiple hits before Mickey/Minnie must restart the level. White heart cards replenish health, while cards displaying the silhouette of Mickey Mouse gain the player extra lives. Each level also has four hidden orbs, and when each is found, Goofy will reward the player with extra lives.

Puzzle elements are found in the Industrial Zone stages, where blocks must be picked up in a specific order if Mickey/Minnie is to successfully navigate the floor-spiked warehouse.


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