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Mickey's Speedway USA is a kart racing game released late in the life span of the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color consoles. The game features ten classic Disney characters racing across over 20 tracks inspired by real-world locations across the United States. The Nintendo 64 version plays similarly to Rare's previous kart racer, Diddy Kong Racing, while the Game Boy Color version is a top-down racer akin to their R.C. Pro-Am series.


Mickey's Speedway USA has a Grand Prix mode which works similarly to that of other racing games like Mario Kart 64: each cup has the racers compete on four tracks in a row. The better position you finish each race, the more points you get, and whoever has more points at the end of the cup wins. The game also features a time attack mode, along with multiplayer racing and battle modes.

The characters have different stats; some focus on speed over handling, some are slower but can turn easier, and some are balanced between the two.


Starting Roster

Unlockable (Nintendo 64 only)


Spritzer: The standard speed boost item.

Baseball Chucker: Explodes when hit by another racer. It can be tossed behind you.

Paint Splotcher: It lies on the ground and makes the first racer that lands on it skid. Can be tossed forward.

Tracechaser: Homes in on a racer directly ahead of you.

Magno Flyer: Follows the track to hit a racer ahead of you.

Shield Shell: Grants a temporary shield, a speed boost and allows you to move at top speed on "hazardous terrain."

Stormy Weather: Rains on every racer ahead of you, slowing them down.


Nintendo 64

Traffic Troubles

  • Indianapolis
  • San Francesco
  • New Mexico
  • Grand Canyon

Motorway Mania

  • Los Angeles
  • Alaska
  • Las Vegas
  • Philadelphia

Freeway Phobia

  • Dakota
  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Chicago

Victory Vehicles

  • Yellowstone
  • Washington D.C.
  • Everglades
  • Malibu

Frantic Finale Cup

  • Hawaii
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Colorado

Bonus Track

  • New Orleans

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