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miCoach by adidas is a workout and training program for 360 (Kinect) and PS3 (Move). It features workout training and video coaching from top-tier athletes to help you train in five different sports: tennis, American football, football/soccer, basketball, and running. It features three modes: workouts (full training programs), conditioning exercises (individual workouts), and training games. It also includes the ability to link to a account and thus with the other miCoach tools, such as smartphone apps and various body sensors, to create an even more complete training profile.

Workouts are multi-week training programs, with up to four individual workouts per week, designed to help you condition in your chosen sport. They consist of multiple stages, such as Movement Preparation, Pillar Preparation, Strength, and Power. These are done using the Kinect/Move, and also include optional equipment such as an exercise ball and free weights (if you don't have them, you can skip those sections, but you're then not getting the full workout). They also include reporting for additional outdoor activities, using the linked miCoach smartphone app.

Conditioning exercises are individual workouts outside of a training program, designed for people who either aren't training towards a specific sport, or just want to exercise without going into a multi-week training program. They consist of the same pieces as a full workout program.

Training games are designed for soccer, basketball, and tennis, and are motion-controlled minigames. Each of the games starts at level 1 and has 20 levels of increasing difficulty with a fixed time, and you add more seconds by scoring goals, shooting baskets, and getting proper hits. Getting through all 20 levels unlocks randomized bonus levels that you can keep playing until you run out of time.

Once you've done 30 exercises with a particular athlete, you unlock Masterclasses with them, which are additional videos containing training advice. In addition, the game provides statistics, medals, and achievements to help encourage progress.

The professional athletes are:

  • Tennis: Andrea Petkovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Fernando Verdasco
  • American Football: CJ Spiller, Eric Berry, and Von Miller
  • Football/Soccer: Jozy Altidore, Kaka, Gareth Bale, and Manuel Neuer
  • Basketball: Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, and Jrue Holiday
  • Running: Tyson Gay and Jessica Ennis
  • plus Jose Mourinho as a Masterclass coach and advisor

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