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You get the chance to play as a "MicroBot" that is injected into a human body.  The Microbot was designed to combat viral and bacterial ailments, unfortunately, the MicroBots malfunction and begin to work  with the pathogens to take over the human body. You are one of the few Microbots that has not malfunctioned, and it is your job to combat the biological and biotechnological infestation.  Throughout the course of the game you will fight enemies in different body systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and skeletal systems.  


Microbots is a part dual stick shooter and part side-scrolling shoot-em-up.   
New enemies that you run into will drop data which will unlock more upgrades for you to purchase with the "Atom" you receive from kill enemies. This gives the game a feel of constant progression no matter if you are in single player or coop with a friend.


  • Randomly generated levels to keep everything fresh each play through
  • Upgrades that matter not only which ones you choose but where on your ship you place them.
  • There are three different types of upgrades: speed, health, and firepower.
  • The fluids have their own ebb and flow that could work with or against you so make sure to think fast.
  • Drop in and out Coop multiplayer makes it easy to play with your friends or go it solo again.
  • Two game modes including the campaign, and survival mode which pits you against the world for leader boards spots based on how long you can survive against a non stop horde of enemies.

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