Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise

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According to Sources not yet named the webpage Avsim has reported in a article Microsoft sells License to FS Franchise That "after years of dickering and sometimes murky intentions, has sold the license to the FS franchise" Now this is only the Entertainment franchise not the Simulation Franchise which is controlled by Lockheed Martin with there Prepar3d.

It will be interesting to know who or what parties now control this once lucrative Simulator gaming franchise.


From what I have read on Simflight There is more news or rumor regarding the sale of the MSFS franchise

"We have now heard directly from reliable sources, who have requested to remain undisclosed, that the ‘franchise’ sold recently by Microsoft is not that of FSX, but rather that of the newer “MSFlight“. We also learned that an official annoucement is to be expected soon, from the purchaser of the license.

This entity, which we are not yet at freedom to divulge, is no stranger to the simulation market. We will, of course, keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available."

Souce More news about Microsoft flight simulator

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