Flight comes to Steam (now available)

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#1  Edited By Shivoa

I guess the GfW Marketplace now on xbox.com really is the sign MS might actually be giving up as they add their F2P Flight to Steam (not unprecedented, they have games on Steam as it gives them the biggest reach with current PC gamers but I always assumed they'd be using Windows 8's store to try and boost their own store rather than add all their stuff to Steam and I didn't expect them to move their F2P stuff over). As Steam requires DLC be purchasable in the Steam store as well as wherever else you want this means people can now buy a DLC/content Live code directly from MS using GfWLive/in-game or via the Steam DLC store for MS Flight (when buying on Steam a cut goes to Steam as the retailer, just like when you buy a MS points card in a shop not 100% goes to MS - this is not the end of the world that EA think it is).

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#2  Edited By Kidavenger

Microsoft ran their own store for a long time, I'm sure they have crunched the numbers and figured out that the percentage that Steam takes works out to be less then what it cost them to run the Games for Windows marketplace.

EA will figure it out sooner or later.

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