Microsoft Flight To Bring 'New Perspective' To Flight Sims

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It's obvious that Microsoft is taking a DIY approach to resuscitating Games for Windows Live. Part of its strategy, which is something of a mix between first-party releases as well as day and date third-party downloads, is Microsoft Flight, a new spin on the Flight Simulator franchise.  
It's been more than three years since we've last seen a new game in the series, and it appears as if there's been a light overhaul since. Microsoft Flight's very teasery trailer and vague promise of  ushering in a "new perspective to the long-standing genre" make it seem safe to assume that it won't be as technical as its predecessors in the flight simulation space. To be fair, though, the PR blurb for the title does mention that "long-time fans" will be able to get behind the title and hopefully enjoy it.

Microsoft hasn't talked about a release date yet, but in the announcement materials it's made clear that Flight will be a Windows-exclusive joint. Not that Mac or console fans were hopeful anyway, I assume.

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