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    Simplification can be Beneficial 0

    Simulators are great ways to have experiences that you will probably never be able to have in your day-to-day life, and creating those experiences is where they really shine. I could go on all day about how much I love highly detailed cockpits that make you go through endless checklists to take off and land, and realistic flying mechanics that put you into a stall at the slightest movement of a stick, but at the core of every flight simulator is the idea that flying is fun. Whenever you talk to ...

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    Review: Microsoft Flight 0

    When Microsoft first announced its reboot of the Flight Simulator franchise, I was confused. Scenery limited to the islands of Hawaii, planes coming via paid DLC only, and the dreaded Games for Windows Live on top of all of that. While Microsoft seemed to take much of what was great about previous iterations like Flight Simulator X and wall it off with microtransactions and a closed ecosystem to mods and addons, I hunched over my tried and true Flight Simulator 2004, assuring myself Flight was n...

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