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    Microsoft Solitaire

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 22, 1990

    A piece of software pre-loaded onto most Windows computers.

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    Microsoft Solitaire is a digital version of solitaire, the card game. It is played with a standard 52-card deck and the goal is to create four piles each a different suit and piled in order. It is possible to lose solitaire by having no available moves left to advance but it is not always possible to win.

    Players can move cards in set patterns. They can move a card (and the cards underneath it) onto a card that is a single denomination higher that is also the opposite colour, such as a black five onto a red six; move an Ace to the top pile or move the next denomination of a suit to the top pile, for example a 2 of hearts onto the Ace of hearts that is already on the top pile; Draw a new card from the deck of extra cards; or move a King, and the cards underneath it, into an empty space in the lower play area.

    The primary goal in the early game is to reveal as many hidden cards in the lower play area as possible, while leaving cards in the active area for as long as possible to create opportunities for more cards to be moved.

    This version has several play modes, different pictures for the backs of cards and an optional scoring system.

    When the game is won, the cards fly out of the piles created to create an amusing visual effect.


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