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The best part of the game is when all the systems interact in ways you didn't predict or expect. I had a wild experience last night and it has given me an interest in hearing stories from other people. I'll start.

I had killed the 2 war chiefs and dominated half of the hierarchy. I took on one of the generated missions where one orc was going to raid another's camp, and I decided to try and dominate one of them. After ambushing them all hell broke lose, so I called in 2 of my bodyguard orcs to help out since both the enemy orcs were higher level. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the one legendary orc in the region (which I had previously dominated and levelled) decided to turn traitor and ambush my ambush. He descended in to the battle with his own guys and I ended up getting overwhelmed and killed by him.

Insulted by this despicable traitor (and annoyed that I had lost a legendary orc) I hounded him all over the map shaming him as this has a chance to remove the "Iron Will" trait that traitors gain when breaking domination, preventing me from simply dominating him again. I shamed him like 5 times down from 22, to 8, at which point he took my shame as a badge of strength and went back to 22. After shaming him a few more times he went back down to level 3, at which point he was so weak he burned to death in a final encounter just trying to run away from me.

It was chaos that created a real nemesis that I wanted to get revenge on.

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I dropped a fly nest on a dude and then he came back infested. That was cool the first time it happened. I also dropped bait to summon caragors to attack a dude and got jumped by the guy who made the bait. That was also cool the first time it happened.

Then those things kept happening and were much less cool.

Then I decided I'd rather go back and finish Nioh instead.

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In Minas Morgul I attempted to dominate a trickster spear throwing orc and all of his weird body doubles, he wasn't having it, so I shamed him instead. About an hour later his low level ass shows up with all his friends and tries again. I get him, shame him again and he runs off. I figure now is the time to kill him because even at a low level 5 spear throwing dudes suck when you are busy. I go to kill him and get not one, but 4 death quotes, one for each of him as I shadowstrike them. Probably wasn't intended to go that way, but it was weird.

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